Dear Bill:

I notice in your column of Aug. 5 that you claim to have no interest in a candidate's sex, color, religion or profession. Conspicuously absent among the characteristics to which you are indifferent was the factor of age.

Since Ronald Reagan's age is certainly a factor in this election, could it be that you have revealed your true choice for a Democratic president this fall? Jim Piedmont Jr. Dear Jim:

I don't know what, if anything, I have revealed. When I recognize a bias, I try to purge myself of it.

Had there been space, I might have added many other categories that do not seem pertinent in selecting a president. Among them would be party labels.

Both parties say they stand for things I dislike as well as things I like.

Both bend with the political winds. And neither party can be depended upon to be faithful to its past or present platforms. So Party labels don't mean much to me.

However, when you ask a 68-year-old man whether he is biased against the elderly, I can give you a quick answer: Quit your kidding.

If they left it up to me, the minimum age for voting would be 68 for those who agree with me and 95 for those who do not. Bill