Steve Reynolds of Woodbridge shot a five-game series of 944 yesterday to go with a 947 Wednesday and qualified for today's semifinals of the boys open division in the All-America Youth Bowling Championships at Shriley Bowl America in Alexandria.

Reynolds, an 18-year-old graduate of Gar-Field High School, rolled 192-193-234 in his final three games to advance by a single pin over Mike Mann of Indiana.

"I figured I had to shoot about 950 today," said Reynolds. I thought the cutoff would be 1,900 (he shoot 1,891) and I was just able to sneak in there"

Reynolds will bowl eight head-to-head matches today against the remaining seven bowlers. The division leaders are Jeff Rampart of Kenosha, Wis. and Bob Davidson of Seattle, with 1,960. Davidson set an open division record with a 278, which included eight consecutive strikes openings his third game of the day.

Reynolds received a little help after his first two games.

"My first two games were disastrous," Reynolds said. 'Then at about the fourth frame of my third game I spotted my dad. When I saw him, I just started stroking."

Three other Virginia bowlers were not as fortunate as Reynolds.

Barbara Crystal of McLean finished 11th in the girls handicap division with a 10-game total of 1,775, only nine pins below the cutoff. Lenora Wong of Monterey Park, Calif., continues to lead the division with 1,910.

Chris Monson of Alexandria was 14th in the boys handicap division with 1,869, 82 pins below the cutoff. Joe Mullenax, of Cumberland, Md., jumped from 10th position into the lead with 1,150, for a two-day score of 2,109. Mullenax did not bowl under 181, and had a high game today of 234.

Tracy Sadler of McLean finished 33rd in the girls open division, with a two-day score of 1,637. The divison leader is Vicki Parker of Nashua, N.H. with 1,902.

Each division will be narrowed to four bowlers after today's round.