Of all the players who started training camp with the Redskins, the one who knew he was most certain to be cut was kicker Ed Delgado, who played his college ball at Georgetown.

Barring an injury, Delgado had no chance to beat out Mark Moseley, perhaps the best place kicker in football showing up anyway. The camp is a showcase for his talents, in case the Redskins might need him later or for other clubs.

General Manager Bobby Beathard has a reputation for working hard to place waived players with other teams. And kickers always seem to be in demand once the regular season begins.

"Ed has a good leg," says Moseley, who has watched the youngster closely for two weeks. "I think he can kick for somebody in this league. He just needs a chance."

Delgado had a tryout last year with Cleveland, but was cut. He could be used Saturday night in the exhibition game in Baltimore, although the Redskins like to give Moseley as much work as possible.

The Redskins have 76 players on their roster counting the absent John Riggins and Jeris White. They have to be down to 60 by Aug. 19. The Baltimore game will give a good indication of who is next to go. Coach Jack Pardee said he will use only those players he thinks can help the team this year. Among those being held out because of injury are Brad Dusek, Jeff Williams, Ken Harrison, Morris Owens and Sam Thomas. Coy Bacon still has a sore back and probably will not play.