Maryland's football team doesn't start contact drills until Tuesday but the Terrapins already have two key starters on the sidelines because of injuries suffered while weightlifting.

Yesterday, Darnell Dailey, the team's only returning starting linebacker, tore the right pectoralis, a major muscle in his chest while lifting a weight. The 6-foot-3, 223-pound senior will be operated on Thursday by team doctor Stanford Lavine. How long he will be out following the operation depends on how much damage Lavine finds, but it will be a minimum of four to six weeks.

Lavine also examined Jan Carinci, the team's leading wide receiver last season, who was injured lifting weights a week ago. An orthoscope showed a slight tear of the cartilage in his right knee. Carinci, a senior, is expected to be out of practice about two weeks.

Dailey, a two-year letterman, made 100 tackles last season in 10 games including 19 against Penn State, 18 against North Carolina and 17 against Kentucky.

Coach Jerry Claiborne has noted that linebacker is one area where the Terps lack experience.

Behind Joe Wilkins, now the other starter with Dailey, are sophomores John Kreider and junior Pat Zillman, each of whom lettered last year largely because of special teams work. For the moment, Kreider becomes the other starter with Wilkins.

"People don't usually get hurt lifting weights," Claiborne said. "It isn't something you figure on happening."

Last season the Terps lost three preseason All-ACC picks before they had played two games.

Claiborne always the stoic, said over and over again last year that, "all you can do is pat the next guy on the back and send him right out there. Injuries are a part of the game."

At Maryland they have now become a part of weightlifting, too.