John Riggins considers himself retired from football and has gone as far as to enroll his son in the Lawrence, Kan., school system, according to team sources close to the Redskin fullback.

The sources said that Riggins, now in the fourth week of his contract holdout with the club, is so adamant in his decision not to report to training camp that only a negotiating concession by the Redskins will bring him back to the team this season.

"He isn't going to play this season, no matter what the Redskins think, unless General Manager Bobby Beathard will negotiate with him," one source said. "People may think he will come back but don't count on it. This isn't a bluff."

Riggins, who makes $300,000 a year, is holding out in an attempt to get the Redskins to turn the 1981 option year of his contract into a one-year guaranteed pact that will pay him $500,000. The Redskins so far have been adament in refusing to deal with Riggins, saying it would violate a policy not to renegotiate contracts.

One factor that is bolstering Riggins in his holdout is the $800,000 in deferred money owed him by the Redskins. He will receive the money in yearly $100,000 allotments, starting 30 days after he officially announces his retirement.

"With money guaranteed to come in for the next eight years," said a source, "John isn't worried about where his next dollar is coming from.

"No one apparently realizes how much he is concerned about being injured permanently and then not having his contract guaranteed. He doesn't want to risk being a cripple without at least knowing he'll still get some money."

Riggins and the team have not talked for almost two weeks.Beathard said he has no intention to contact Riggins any time soon.

"We will play the season without him," Beathard has said repeatedly.

Riggins was unavailable for comment.

Many Redskins say that the topic of Riggins' walkout rarely comes up anymore.

"The press are the only people who remind us of the whole thing," said linebacker Pete Wysocki. "We are just going on with business as usual and what happens, happens."

The Redskins apparently will consider a trade this week for a large-sized fullback who can back up starter Clarence Harmon and be used on short-yardage situations. The trade would be insurance in case Riggins does not come back.