Coach Jack Pardee said yesterday he feels that fullback John Riggins will not rejoin the Redskins this season.

"I don't see any encouraging signs indicating he'll be back," Pardee said, reacting to a story in Tuesday's Washington Post that said Riggins considers himself retired.

"There's certainly no doubt that he is serious about retiring. If he just wanted to miss a few weeks of camp and two-a-days he'd be back by now."

Pardee said he though it would be impossible for the Redskins to change their stand on Riggins' request to have the 1981 option year of his contract changed into a $500,000 guaranteed pact. So far, Washington has refused to deal with Riggins, saying it would violate a club policy about not renegotiating contracts.

"We can't change our policy if we are to be fair with everyone," Pardee said. "That's the reason I look for him to sit it out. He won't budge and neither will we."

Pardee said the team wasn't close to trading for a fullback to back up Clarence Harmon. "But the telephone wires are hopping today," he said. "You never know when things will change. But I still don't want to make a trade just to make one."