Washington's attempts to trade for a fullback are being frustrated by the high price other teams are asking in return Bobby Beathard, Redskin general manager, said today.

"They know we aren't in an advantageous position." Beathard said. "They are holding us up for ransom. They aren't going to give anyone away."

League sources say that Washington is still interested in Wilbur Jackson of San Francisco, but Beathard said the Redskins aren't close to finishing any deal.

"We're working at it, but I just don't know what to think at this point," he said. "You have to worry about your future, too. You can't just hand away draft choices."

The Redskins are anxious to make a trade if they can find a fullback to back up Clarence Harmon, who has replaced holdout John Riggins.

"It was," said one Redskin, "the biggest chewing out we've ever received for a victory."

The player was referring to coach Jack Pardee's tongue-lashing during today's review of the Cleveland exhibition game films.

Pardee was upset about his club's inept performance. He told the players he was concerned over their lack of conditioning and their lackadaisical play and promised tougher practices the rest of the preseason.

"Oh, there really wasn't much to it," Pardee said. "There were a lot of positive things that came out of the game, too."