Sugar Ray Leonard's attorney said yesterday he put "a final proposal on the table" last week in Las Vegas for a rematch with Roberto Duran for the World Boxing Council welterweight championship.

"I think it is fair," Mike Trainer said. "The whole pie will be bigger this time. The tape of the closed circuit telecast would be shown in prime time on conventional television instead of a Saturday afternoon."

Trainer said of the date, "We're shooting for November and at that time of the year we would be pretty much limited to a warm-weather site. I expect Duran will accept. We don't want Ray to sit idle.

"If Duran doesn't accept, we'll fight Tommy Hearns (World Boxing Association champion), though a Hearns bout with Ray would make more next year, when Hearns becomes better known. Apparently Ray is the only fighter not scared of Hearns. He thinks he sees something in Hearns' style. Angelo (Dundee, Leonard's second) is not frightened of Ray fighting Hearns.

"I feel the WBC would give Duran a waiver to fight Ray without meeting another contender first, because it would be so good for boxing. We would like to fight Duran, then Hearns, then Wilfred Benitez. After all, Benitez gave Ray a shot at the WBC title."