John Riggins is home in Lawrence, Kan., attending a college economics class and still considering himself retired from football, his wife said last night.

Mary Lou Riggins, reached at the family home, said rumors that here husband was in Washington were untrue.

"He's been right here," she said. "We just took the phone off the hook a lot the last few days. So many people were calling John and trying to persuade him to come back.

"He just wanted to take some of the pressure off himself and take some time to think."

Riggins said last Friday that he no longer was asking the Redskins to renegotiate his contract. But he hadded that he still considered himself retired, although he could change his mind in "the next three or four days."

Mrs. Riggins said he hadn't changed his mind. "No, John still feels the same," she said, "He's retired. He's back being a college student again."

The Redskins, encouraged by Riggins' decision to drop his renegotiatin bid, had hoped he would return to camp this week. Riggins left training camp July 27 when he decided he wanted the option year of his contract changed into a $500,000, one-yar guaranteed pact.