Georgetown Coach Scotty Glacken's major concern this year is typical of those confronting almost all small college teams as they approach end-of-the summer workouts.

"I read in the paper that we had 40 lettermen returning to our team this year," he said. "That sure was nice to hear, but I'll believe it when I see it."

Since Division 3 schools such as Georgetown do not offer athletic scholarships, it's not uncommon for star players to transfer schools, quit the team or decide the punishment isn't worth it.

Glacken, whose Hoyas began practice this week, hopes the only players he'll be losing are the four who graduated in May. The Hoyas, 5-3 last season, will field mostly sophomores and juniors, who also give Glacken bright hopes for the future.

His best player is Jim Corcoran, a small college All-America defensive back who is only a junior. "Jim is simply a terrific athlete," Glacken said. "He was largely responsible for a couple of our wins last year."

Bobby Gerard, a junior, will have "the first shot at the starting quarterback job," Glacken said. "He did a good job running the wishbone last year, especially as a rookie quarterback, but his passing must improve."

John Federico and Rich Corcoran have the backfield positions locked.

"Both our lines (defensive and offensive) are intact from last season," Glacken said. "There's no reason we shouldn't have an improved record over last season.

"I'll take anything better than '79".