Ed Garvey of the National Football League Players Association said a grievance will be filed against the Redskins for putting John Riggins on the "left camp-retired" list, which prohibits Riggins from playing with the Redskins or any other team this season.

If the Redskins had placed Riggins on the regular retired list he would be eligible to come back at any time during the season.

"The 'left camp-retired' category is there for one reason and that's to put pressure on the player," Garvey said. "If a player goes to camp and then leaves and doesn't return in five days he can be put on that list. If he never comes to camp he can't be put on the list. So what will happen is that in the future the players who are having contract troubles just won't report at all."

Redskin General Manager Bobby Beathard said he doesn't care what Garvey does.

"We told John what we were going to do before we did it. He said he wanted to retire so we accommodated him. The reason we put him on the 'left camp-retired' list is because that's the list he belongs on. If we had given him the option of coming back at any time it could have affected the team. He's a very popular guy and everyone wants him back and they might have started thinking he would be back."

Garvey said Riggins did not file a grievance but that the players association would file one anyway.