TV: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Data: Steelers favored by 6 1/2 . . . Steelers have won 16 straight at Three Rivers Stadium for the Terrible Towels, and have beaten Oilers in last two AFC title games . . . Oiler Rb Earl Campbell,seeking to become first to win NFL rushing title in each of first three seasons, held to 15 years in 17 attempts by Steelers in last contest . . . Demanding Oiler fans hope that savior will be former Raider QB Ken Stabler, who says that he and Coach Bum Phillips have a lot in common: "He and I are as country as two piles of manure in a barn."

Oiler injuries: WR Ken Burrough, knee (O); LB Art Stringer, knee (Q); DT Tom Beasley, shoulder (Q).

Steeler injuries: DE John Goodman, knee (O); TE Bennie Cunningham, knee (Q); DT Tom Beasley, shoulder (Q). Browns at Patriots

Data: Patriots favored by 5 . . . Browns, who have never lost to Pats, have won 20 of 30 season openers . . . Pat QB Steve Grogan and Brown Qb Brian Sipe tied for NFL lead with 28 TD passes last season, but Grogan has been booed in preseason . . . Pat running game in trouble without Sam Cunningham; newly acquired Chuck Foreman has been erratic . . . Pat defense also reeling as CB Mike Haynes continues holdout . . . Heisman Trophy winner Charles White joins Mike Pruitt in Brown backfield.

Brown injuries: C-T Gary Sullivan, knee (Q); T Joel Patten, groin (Q); C Tom DeLeone, arm (P).

Patriot injuries: RB Alan Clark, thumb (O); RB Horace Ivory, knee (Q); WR Harold Jackson, hamstring (P); WR Don Westbrook, hamstring (P); CB Ray Clayborn, ankle (P); CB Roland James, foot (P); RB Andy Johnson, knee (P). Chargers as Seahawks

Data: Chargers favored by 2 . . . Pass, pass, pass, punt: Charger Qb Dan Fouts (NFL-record 4,082 yards last season) and Seahawk QB Jim Zorn (10,000 yards in four years) find handling off too fundamental . . . Charger K Rolf Benirschke, recovered from intestinal disease, has string of 13 straight FGs . . . Seahawk RB Sherman Smith says, "If we beat the Chargers, God only knows what will happen from there." s

Charger injuries: G Dan Audick, back (Q); CB Jerome Dove, heel (Q); DE Leroy Jones, back (P), RB Clarence Williams, knee (P); TE Greg McCrary, thigh (P).

Seahawk injuries: De tErry Dion, knee (D); RB Jeff Moore, ankle (P).

Colts at Jets

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, 4 p.m.

Data: Jets favored by 7 . . . The Eternal Question remains for Colt loyalists: will it be Bert the Beautiful or Bert the Hurt? QB Jones looked sharp in preseason (35 of 60 for 537 yards) . . . New Colt Coach Mike McCormack wants No. 1 draftee Curtis Dickey to relieve backfield workload of Joe Washington . . . Jets were youngest NFL team last season (averaged 24.5 years) . . . Jet speed twin-powered with WRs Lam Jones and Wesley Walker; "Wes is so fast," says Jet film director Jim Pons, "we have to use a wide-angle shot so he doesn't run out of the picture."

Colt injuries: WR Mike Siana, shoulder (P); WR Roger Car, abdomen (P); S Bruce Laird, ribs (P); Rb Curtis Dickey, thigh (Q); LB Sanders Shiver, foot and knee (P).

Jet injuries: LB Lance Mehl, ankle (D); WR Wes Walker, neck (Q); T Marvin Powell, ankle (P); C Joe Fields, hip (P); S Shafer Suggs, groin (P); WR Lam Jones, shin (P); DE Lawrence Piller, ankle (P). Raiders at Chiefs

Data: Chiefs favored by 4 . . . Can Raider QB Dan Pastorini replace Ken Stabler? Can Raider G Gene Upshaw play in another 186 consecutive games? Can Raider owner Al Davis live in Oakland peacefully? . . . Raiders always strong in special teams with P Ray Guy . . . Chief P Bobby Grupp led NFL last season with 43.6 average . . . Raiders occasionally will try three-man front on denfense . . . Raiders lead series, 23-17-2.

Raider injuries: DT Phil Livingston, hand (O); G Steve Sylvester, knee (O); S Mike Davis, ankle (P); P Ray Guy, back (P); CB Monte Jackson, knee (P); Dt Dave Pear, ankel (P).

Chief injuries: T Ccharlie Getty, knee (O); C Jack Rudnay, hamstring (O); T Ken Kremer, knee and ankle (D); DE Sylvester Hicks, shoulder (Q); LB Gary Spani, illness (Q); T Don Parrish, ankle (P); T Bob Simmons, hamstring (P); G Tom Condon, thigh (P); TE Ed Beckman, knee (P). Dolphins at Bills

Data: Dolphins favored by 2 1/2 . . . 14-year veteran Bob Griese won Dolphin QB job over Don Shula, who recently extended his contract with team, has highest winning percentage among active NFL coaches (185-70-5,.721) . . . Dolphins have won NFL-record 20 in a row over Bills . . . Bill QB Joe Ferguson occasionally will operate out of new shotgun offense.

Dolphin injuries: LB Earnest Rhone, hamstring (Q); S Don Bessillieu, knee (P).

Bill injuries: G Reggie McKenzie, toe (P); WR Frank Lewis, knee (P); WR Jerry Butler, hip (P); LB Phil Vilapiano, knee (P); C Jim Ritcher, back (P). NATIONAL CONFERENCE

Falcons at Vikings

Data: Vikings favored by 3 . . . Vikings missed playoffs last season for first time since 1972 . . . Important season for Falcon K Tim Mazzetti: he was 13 of 16 in FGs two years ago but only 13 of 25 last year . . . Vikings without No. 1 choice DT Doug Martin, who has not signed . . . Vikings QB Tommy Kramer enjoyed solid debut last season, but Fran Tarkenton looks better than ever in broadcast booth . . . Falcons last in pass defense last season.

Falcon injuries: De eDgar Fields, ankle (O); LB Dewy McClain, hamstring (D).

Viking injuries: T Ron Yary, knee (D); S Tom Hanon, wrist (Q); CB Willie Teal, knee (Q).

Bears at Packers

Data: Bears favored by 4 1/2 . . . Packer Coach Bart Starr begins season as talk about sacking him continues . . . Bear RB Walters Payton goes after fifth straight NFC rushing crown . . . Bear secondary -- Schmidt, Ellis, Fencik, Plank -- not well-known but helped club lead NFC in interceptions in 1979 . . . Veteran Lynn Dickey will start at QB for Packers.

Bear injuries: No injuries reported.

Packer injuries: LB George Cumby, knee (Q); G Syd Kitson, groin (Q); G Leotis Harris, foot (P); Rb tYerdell Middleton, shoulder (P); Dt Charles Johnson, hamstring (P).

Lions at Rams

Data: Rams favored by 7 1/2 . . . Defending NFC champion Rams seek eighth straight divisional title . . . Ram Coach Ray Malavasi chose Qb Pat Haden (49 of 89 in preseason) over Vince Ferragamo (26 of 45) . . . Ram defense got a boost with news that holdouts DE Jack Youngblood and LB Jim Youngblood would start against Lions . . . Another holdout, DE Larry Brooks, will be activated and walkout LB Bob Brudzinski returned to team . . . Lions look for offensive boom because of No. 1 draftee RB Billy Sims and return of injured QB Gary Danielson.

Lion injuries: FB Bo Robinson, knee (Q); T Mike Whited, knee (Q); LB James Harrell, leg (Q); DE William Gay, hamstring (P); FS Jimmy Allen, wrist (P).

Ram injuries: LB George Andrews, thigh (D); LB Bob Brudzinski, ankle (Q); RB Elvis Peacock, wrist (P); QB Vince Ferragamo, groin (P); T Doug France, ankle and groin (P); QB Pat Haden, ribs (P); CB Leroy Irvin, hip (P); TE Terry Nelson, groin (P).

Giants at Cardinals

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Data: Cardinals favored by 7 . . . Giants have won in St. Louis since 1972 . . . Cardinals' Jim Hanifan only new coach in NFC . . . Giants building around second-year QB Phil Simms . . . Cards had top rushing offense last year behind rookie Ottis Anderson . . . Giant C Jim Clack says, "We're not very good" . . . Ah, but Giant Lb Harry Carson says, "We sometimes picture ourselves as characters out of 'Star Wars'. I'm Darth Vader. I command the forces of evil."

Giant injuries: LB Brian Kelley, knee (D); LB Frank Merton, shoulder (D); WR Danny Pittman, shoulder (D); G J. T. Turner, back (Q); LB Brad Van Pelt, leg (P); C Jim Clack, knee (P); SS Terry Blount, eye (P).

Cardinal injuries: Wr Mel Gray, groin (P); LB Calvin Favron, shoulder (P); CB Tim Collier, shoulder (P); De Bob Pollard, knee (P); RB Wayne Morris, knee (P); CB Carl Allen, groin (P); WR Pat Tilley, hand (P); Cb Roger Wehrli, knee (P). 49ers at Saints

Data: Saints favored by 4 . . . Pass, pass, pass, fake punt (and pass): 49er Coach Bill Walsh loves to throw (who wouldn't with a 2-14 record?) . . . This preseason 49er QB Steve DeBerg was 46 of 58 in four games while backup Joe Montana was 41 of 55 as 49ers went 3-1 . . . Saints also high powered with QB Archie Manning, RB Chuck Muncie and WR Wes Chandler.

49er injuries: LB Thomas Henderson, neck (Q); T Ron Singleton, foot (P); TE Bob Bruer, lower back (P); LB Willie Harper, ankle (P).

Saint injuries: TE Henry Childs, knee and groin (O); QB Bobby Scott, knee (O); TE Larry Hardy, knee (P); FS Tommy Myers, back (P); WR Tinker Owens, hamstring (P); TE Brooks Williams, hand (P). INTER CONFERENCE

Broncos at Eagles

TV: WRC-TV-4, 4 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 3 . . . Broncos made offseason moves to bolster offense by hiring Rod Dowhower as offensive coordinator and trading for QB Matt Robinson from Jets . . . Eagle WR Harold Carmichael now has caught at least one pass in 112 straight games . . . Eagles happy with barefoot K Tony Franklin . . . Eagles' former Pro Bowl linebacker Bill Bergey is back after missing 1979 with injury.

Bronco injuries: RB Jon Keyworth, knee (O); T Kelvin Clark, knee (Q); CB Perry Smith, foot (Q); T Dave Studdard, knee (P).

Eagle injuries: TE Keith Krepfle, shoulder (O); FB Leroy Harris, knee (Q).

Buccaneers at Bengals

Data: Game rated even . . . Buccaneers' strength remains defense, and with addition of CB Norris Thomas, team is very deep in secondary to help out standout DE Lee Roy Selmon . . . Bengal backup Jack Thompson may start for injured QB Ken Anderson . . . Bengal No. 1 draft choice Anthony Munoz starts at LOT.

Buccaneer injuries: FB Johnny Davis, ankle (Q); FS Cedric Brown, elbow (P); G Gene Sanders, wrist (P); CB Mike Washington, back (P); LB Scot Brantley, shoulder (P).

Bengal injuries: QB Ken Anderson, knee (D); DE Gary Burley, ankle (D); CB Louis Breedon, ankle (P). MONDAY GAME

Cowboys at Redskins

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, 9 p.m.

Data: Redskins favored by 3 . . . If you fail to regard this as a big game, you probably are a British tourist . . . Cowboys lead series, 22-16-2 . . . Cowboys have won 15 straight season-opening games . . . Redskins are 12-4 on Monday nights; Cowboys are 7-8 . . .Redskin K Mark Moseley's near perfection could be difference . . . Cowboy De Ed Jones appears even taller and tougher since taking a year off to box . . . Cowboy QB Danny White, replacing Roger Staubach, also handles punting.

Cowboy injuries: RB Tony Dorsett, thigh (P); TE Billy Joe Dupree, shoulder (P); WR Tony Hill, shoulder (P); T Andy Frederick, toe and knee (P); LB Bruce Huther, neck (P); TE Jay Saldi, ribs (P); DT Bruce Thornton, ankle (P); WR Steve Wilson, foot (P).

Redskin injuries: TE Don Warren, leg (D); TE Phil DuBois, bruised kidney (P); LB Neal Olkewicz, knee (Q); Ss Tony Peters, groin (P); LB Brad Dusek, hamstring (P); RB Buddy Hardeman, shoulder (P); RB Zion McKinney, hamstring (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time, will not dress; D -- Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will or will not play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty player will be available for normal duty.