Vince Ferragamo will be there to play quarteback when the Los Angeles Rams tackle the Buccaneers in Tampa in Thursday's special edition of Monday Night Football, the rematch of last year's NFC championship showdown. What, just because he failed to show for team meeting and practice Monday, you doubted it?

Just because Ferragamo's attorney, Paul Caruso, told reporters his guy wouldn't make the Florida trip unless the club offered him a "viable" contract? In place of his reported option-year $75,000, now that he has the leverage of the latest hand fracture incurred by starting rival Pat Haden? Of desperation born of the Haden-led Rams being shredded by the Lions in their first regular-season game in Anaheim instead of the Coliseum?

No sweat.

"He's here in camp and will be going to Tampa," the club announced yesterday in raising its record to seven for seven in welcoming 1980 contract walkouts back into the fold. With encouragement from team player Haden, who said: "He has an opportunity to win the position. If he plays well and wins games, Ray (Malavasi) could keep him in there and I'd understand. But Vince has to play to do that."

Just in case, the Rams recalled vet Bob Lee to join Jeff Rutledge on standby.