Just who is this Peter Mehlman? What's he got against our beloved Redskins? Doesn't he realize that the 'Skins are "the greatest thing to ever happen to the Western Hemisphere?"

The reason that we still talk about the 1972 Super Bowl team is that they manhandled Green Bay and mauled Dallas (giving up a record low six points in the process).

So what if the New York Giants have beaten "us" five out of eight in the last four years! I'm sure if Mr. Mehlman will compare the winning percentage of the two teams over the last four years, he will find that the Redskins have a wide advantage.

Contrary to the expectations of Mr. Mehlman, I did not read his article with clenched teeth. Nor does burgundy dominate my wardrobe (although I do confess owning a "Wild Bunch" cap). I do not write off my season tickets as a tax deduction and as of this date I have not been able to use my tickets as collateral in any department store!

As far as press coverage goes, don't tell me that The New York Times or The New York Daily News spares the ink when it comes to the New York teams. New York newspapers are depressingly biased.

True, the Redskins are not a particularly fast team. But, what they lack in speed they make up for in HEART.

And that's why we love 'em.

P.S. If that kid shows up at RFK with that Dallas uniform on, I'll boo him again . . . because he's there.