The Redskins came out of their 23-21 victory over the Giants today with two worrisome injuries and a number of other nicks that should heal before they play in Oakland Sunday.

The two potential problems are left tackle Terry Hermeling's sprained knee, an injury he received just before halftime, and tight end Don Warren's hairline fracture of the leg. Warren went into the game with the leg problem and aggravated it. His leg will be X-rayed Monday morning, as will Hermeling's knee. Both are questionable right now for the Oakland game.

More likely to play on the West Coast is second-string tight end Phil Dubois, who left the game with a bruised kidney and a bruised hip.

Hermeling's running mate at offensive tackle, George Starke, also had to leave the game with a sprained knee. But his injury is much less serious and he should be ready to play Sunday. Lemar Parrish has a bruised shoulder, halfback Rickey Claitt has a sprained ankle and defensive end Karl Lorch has a sprained neck.

The Redskins began the game with several players hurt. "We're really banged up right now," said Coach Jack Pardee. "I hope it's not as bad as it looks."