The Redskins' roster merry-go-round produced a familiar name yesterday, when the club released guard Ernie Hughes, signed Tuesday, and re-signed guard Dan Nugent, a former starter cut in preseason.

"I was somewhat surprised," Nugent said after the Redskins called him yesterday morning. "I knew they had injuries and needed help but I thought they were looking elsewhere."

The Redskins decided they needed Nugent after determining that Hughes was not capable of playing tackle as well as guard. Since Nugent knew the offense better and could man a tight end spot on goal line plays, "We thought he would be of more immediate help," Coach Jack Pardee said.

Nugent agreed to come back only after a series of conversations with team officials that resulted in a one-year contract and his belief "that I will be here the rest of the year. It's not guaranteed but I didn't want to come back on a temporary basis. I wanted some security for me and my family. I wasn't trying to hold them up, but getting cut like I did teaches you some things.

"With the back problems and now getting cut, I look at things in a far different light than I did before," he said. "I'm a different person now."