Johan Cruyff, after meeting yesterday morning with Sonny Werblin, Madison Square Garden chairman, said he is likely to play for the Washington Diplomats next season if the Garden retains ownership of the team.

"I think he would like to have me back," Cruyff said after the two men had breakfast together. If they still own the team I think there is a big possibility I will be back. If we can continue to move ahead and do the right things, I would like to be back. I like Washington."

Werblin was less direct. "He had his eggs scrambled and I had mine fried, sunny side up," he said when asked about the meeting. "I never comment on contract negotiations with a player."

Werblin said the two will meet a week from Tuesday in Amsterdam to again discuss Cruyff's future with the Diplomats.

Cruyff was paid $500,000 this season on a contract that gives the Garden two years of options. If the Garden picks up the options, Cruyff would be paid about $600,000 in 1981.

Cruyff would not comment on whether Coach Gordon Bradley's status would affect his. Bradley, coach and personnel director of the team, has said he will only retain one of those posts next season. He and Cruyff had several disagreements over strategy last season.

League officials were so upset when they learned that ABC-TV had decided to televise the game locally in Washington that they considered going to court Saturday to get an injunction blocking the telecast.

"We decided not to because we only had 5,000 seats left to sell and didn't want to look like we were making a big deal over 50,000 or 55,000 seats," said Steve Danzansky, Washington Diplomat president. "But we could have sold the game out if it hadn't been on TV."