Center Dan Peiffer, a former starter for the Chicago Bears, played in place of Bob Kuziel for much of yesterday's Redskin practice and apparently is to start Sunday against Seattle, team sources said.

Peiffer, making a comeback as a free agent after being sidelined for two years with knee injuries, played on the Chicago lines when Walter Payton first was breaking into the league. Washington's Jack Pardee was coach of the Bears then.

Pardee said Peiffer "could get a lot of time" in the Seattle game. He said he was getting both centers "ready to play a lot. Bob has been able to play tackle some at this point, too.

"Dan is a pretty good blocker with someone on his nose and Seattle likes to line up that way. Some things Dan doesn't do as well as Bob, but in other phases he is more adept than Bob."

Kuziel is one of the team's leaders and the man who calls blocking signals at the line of scrimmage. But Pardee is known to admire Peiffer's playing abilities. And the Redskins desperately want to improve their running against Seattle this week in a game they realize they must win to remain competitive in the conference.