Leonard Tose, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, confirmed here today that Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry called the Philadelphia club Thursday and told Coach Dick Vermeil that someone had mailed the Cowboys a copy of the Eagle playbook about two weeks ago.

Tose quoted Landry as saying he would send the playbook to the Eagles.

"I don't think Landry would ever use anything like that," Tose said. The Cowboys play in Philadelphia Oct. 19.

Asked if the National Football League is investigating the incident, Tose said, "I don't know. I don't think Dick (Vermeil) would complain to the league or make much of it."

One question still unanswered is whether the someone who mailed the playbook to Landry mailed copies of it to other clubs.

Sportswriter Fred Edelstein of the Philadelphia Journal said he received a call Thursday from a person in Dallas who described himself as an "Eagles fan" and said he had been told by a security policeman at Texas Stadium in Dallas that the Cowboys had a copy of the playbook. Edelstein said he was told the playbook numbered about 415 pages.

There was a fake punt in today's Cardinals-Eagles game and the Cardinals reacted quickly, stopping an ensuing run after one yard.

Vermeil was asked afterward if he were at all suspicious.

"No," he said, "it failed because we executed it poorly."

Vermeil recalled that he intended to put in a trick play for the Eagles' opening home game against Denver. He said, "All Denver would have to do would be watch the televised news in Philadelphia." The Eagles won that game, 27-6.

In Las Vegas tonight oddsmaker Bob Martin said there had been no sharp fluctuation this week in the odds, which would have occurred had there been heavy betting on one of the teams.