NATIONAL CONFERENCE Redskins (1-3) at Eagles (3-1)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, 1 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 7 1/2 . . . If Redskins lose again, fickle Washington may switch its interest to presidential race. . . Eagles, despite 24-14 loss to Cardinals last week, totaled more than 300 yards offense for fourth straight game . . . While Redskins traditions crumble, special teams still sparkle (K Mark Moseley excepted): Mike Nelms averaging 5.1 yards per punt return . . . Eagle QB Ron Jaworski (72 of 119, nine TDs) outplaying Redskin QB Joe Theismann (64 of 126, three TDs), but Theismann more harassed than a turkey in late November.

Redskin injuries: T George Starke, knee (O); TE Don Warren, leg (D); RB Clarence Harmon, ankle (Q); QB Joe Theismann, leg and shoulder (P); WR Zion McKinney, leg (IR); DE Coy Bacon, leg (P); WR John McDaniel, shoulder (P); LB Neil Olkewicz, knee (P).

Eagle injuries: RB Wilbert Montgomery, hip pointer (D); T Jerry Sisemore, knee (Q); RB Billy Campfield, hamstring (Q); RB Perry Harrington, knee (Q); LB Jerry Robinson, ribs (P). Lions (4-0) at Falcons (2-2)

Data: Lions favored by 2 1/2 . . . Lion Coach Monte Clark grumbles, "I don't like all the hoopla that goes with us going unbeaten. We have the greatest fans in the world, but I hope they show some restraint . . ."

Lion fans understandably enthused by RB Billy Sims, leading the NFL with 539 yards rushing and leaving his fumbling follies back at Oklahoma . . . wFalcon QB Steve Bartkowski, getting superb protection, has eight TD passes and has 103 attempts without an interception . . . Lions, Falcons rank one-two in NFC in rushing defense.

Lion injuries: SS Luther Bradley, leg (O); DT John Mendenhall, ankle (Q); C Amos Fowler, leg (P).

Falcon injuries: LB Fulton Kuykendall, shoulder (IR; LB Tony Daykin, foot (P); T Dave Scott, back (P). 49ers (3-1) at Rams (2-2)

Data: Rams favored by 9 1/2 . . . If 49er Coach Bill Walsh is honest, his team is doomed: "It's very distressing watching the Rams on film" . . . If Ram Coach Ray Malavasi is honest, his team is hurting: "We're good but we don't have 18 people who went to the Super Bowl with us." . . . Rams have beaten 49ers seven straight . . . Ram QB Vince Ferragamo, completing 70 percent of passes, should disect mediocre 49er defense . . . 49er QB Steve DeBerg hit club-record 32 of 51 passes last week in 20-17 loss to Falcons.

49er injuries: DE Jim Stuckey, hip (P); LB Scott Hilton, knee (P); S Dwight Hicks, ribs (P); TE Charlie Young, ribs (P); WR James Owens, knee (P); T Jean Barrett, back (P); CB Mel Morgan, hamstring (P); TE Eason Ramson, ribs (P); T Ron Singleton, knee (P).

Ram injuries: LB Jack Reynolds, knee (P); CB Rod Perry, ankle (P); WR Billy Waddy, knee (P). Giants (1-3) at Cowboys (3-1)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, 4 p.m.

Data: Cowboys favored by 13 . . . Giants continue to lose and after Van Pelt says he is sick of losing; Perkins may bench DE George Martin, who says, "Maybe I've been lackadaisical; LB Harry (I May Retire at Halftime) Carson says he would like to join the military and comments, "I go to the market and the people give me a hard time about the team." . . . Cowboys, with QB Danny White fitting comfortably into Roger Staubach's shoes, seek 12th win in a row over Giants . . . Howard U. alumnus Steve Wilson had interception last week for Cowboys . . . White, Giants' QB Phil Simms both to start despite injuries . . . Giants have changed from 4-3 to 3-4 defense last two weeks but opposition has hardly noticed.

Giant injuries: S Tony Blount, knee, (O); T Gordon King, foot (Q); G J.T. Turner, groin (P); CB Terry Jackson, knee (P); LB Brad Van Pelt, foot (P); QB Phil Simms, knee (P).

Cowboy injuries: G Norm Wells, knee (Q); RB Ron Springs, ankle (P); LB Guy Brown, hip (P); LB Bob Bruenig, groin (P); T Jim Cooper, knee (P); C John Fitzgerald, back (P); DE Harvey Martin, thigh (P); SS Charlie Waters, knee (P); QB Danny White, finger (P); CB Steve Wilson, thigh (P). Cardinals (1-3) at Saints (0-4)

Data: Cardinals favored by 1 . . . Saints start RBs Wayne Wilson and Jack Holmes for second straight game . . . Card second-year RB Ottis Anderson has 10 NFL 100-yard rushing games . . . Card WR Mel Gray extended pass-catching streak to 93 games in 24-14 win over Eagles . . . Saint QB Archie Manning hitting 62 percent of passes but Saint fans' boos spare no one.

Cardinal injuries: DT Mike Dawson, knee (IR); G Barney Cotton, arm (P); LB Tim Kearney, shoulder (P); CB Lee Nelson, knee (P).

Saint injuries: SS Ray BROWN, KNEE (P); DE Ron Reese, thigh (P); C John Hill (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE Colts (2-2) at Dolphins (3-1)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, 1 p.m.

Data: Game rated even . . . Some people say Colts are 2-2, others say they are 0-2 with two wins over the hapless Jets . . . Last three weeks Dolphins have trailed 16-0, 16-0 and 17-3 in fourth periods and won each time. QB Bob Griese came off bench again to spark comeback . . . Against Miami, Colt QB Bert Jones has 199 pass attempts without an interception. . . . Colt FB Cleveland Franklin blocking well . . . Defending his running game, Colt Coach Mike McCormack grunts, "If you call that conservative, dull football, then blame me, but it's winning football."

Colt injuries: LB Mike Woods, knee (Q); RB Cleveland Franklin, knee (Q); S Bruce Laird, groin (P); RB Ben Garry, ankle (P); S Lyle Blackwood, ribs (P); T George Jones, concussion (P); TE Reese McCall, shoulder (P); LB Barry Krauss, shoulder (P).

Dolphin injuries: S Tim Foley, knee (O); CB Gerald Small, hip (Q); DT Bob Baumhower, bicep (P). Bills (4-0) at Chargers (4-0)

Data: Chargers favored by 7 . . . Q: Will Chargers run more with newly acquired RB Chuck Muncie from Saints? A: Does Charger Qb Dan Fouts throw on third and long? . . . Bills well balanced with passing of Joe Ferguson and running of Joe Cribbs . . . Chargers AFC's highest scoring club (29.5 points per game); Bills AFC's top defense (allowing 12.5 ppg) . . . Bill DE Ben Williams forced two fumbles versus Raiders last week . . . DE Fred Dean leads weak Charger pass rush with three sacks.

Bill injuries: WR Frank Lewis, ribs (P); S Jeff Nixon, ankle (P); TE Reuben Gant, knee (P).

Charger injuries: WR John Floyd, shoulder (Q); LB Linden King, hamstring (P); DT Gary Johnson, ankle (P); LB Ray Preston, knee and leg (P); C Bob Rush, knee (P). Seahawks (2-2) at Oilers (3-1)

Data: Oilers favored by 7 1/2. Oiler QB Ken Stabler continues his ball-control passing, completing 26 of 34 last week to boost his completion percentage of 72.2. After one week absence, Oiler RB Earl Campbell ready. Campbell has been held to under 100 yards in 11 of Oilers' 14 losses since he joined team . . . Seahawk defense given ego boast by playing Redskins last week; DE Jacob Green enjoying fine campaign . . . Oiler Hollywood Henderson took credit for springing Carl Roaches' crucial 68-yard punt return last week, but films show he did not throw key block.

Seahawk injuries: CB Kerry Justin, jaw (O); G Tom Lynch, calf (P).

Oiler injuries: LB Art Stringer, arm and knee (Q); RB Earl Campbell, groin (P); S Vernon Perry, knee (P); LB Gregg Bingham, elbow (P); MG Ken Kennard, elbow (P). Patriots (3-1) at Jets (0-4)

Date: Patriots favored by 3 . . . New Yorkers debate if Jets are worse than Giants . . . Pat QB steve Grogan rated AFC's No. 1 passer . . . Jets allowing opposition to complete 65 percent of passes, and Jet Coach Walt Michaels has criticized play of DE Joe Klecko. ("He's the head coach, geez," says Klecko. "If he says I played bad, I sure didn't play good.") . . . Jet RB Clark Gaines leads NFL with 38 catches . . . pPat defense stifled Broncos last week in 23-14 win.

Patriot injuries: RB Horace Ivory, shoulder (Q).

Jet injuries: WR Wes Walker, thigh (O); G Randy Rasmussen, hamstring (Q); WR Paul Darby, hip and wrist (P); Richard Todd, shoulder and broken toe (P); DT Abdul Salaam, neck and ankle (P); Qb pat Ryan, shoulder (P); S Tim Moresco, flu (P). Broncos (1-3) at Browns (2-2)

Data: Game rated even . . .Redskin castaway Calvin Hill caught two TD passes for Browns last week from Brian Sipe and says, "I've seen Terry Bradshaw and Bert Jones at their best, but nobody does anything that Brian Sipe can't do." . . . In Monday night game, Bronco QB Matt Robinson threw only 12 passes, including five in final two minutes . . . Brown G Joe DeLamielleure made initial start and RB Greg Pruitt rushed for first time this season last week.

Bronco injuries: LB Joe Rizzo, knee (O); LB Greg Bracelin, knee (O); S Bernard Jackson, leg (O); TE Riley Odoms, shoulder (Q); G Paul Howard, knee, (Q).

Brown injuries: LB Clay Matthews, knee (Q); G Robert Jackson, knee (Q); K Don Crockroft, knee (Q); WR Ricky Feacher, eye (Q); WR Dave Logan, hamstring (Q). Chiefs (0-4) at Raiders (2-2)

Data: Raiders favored by 7 . . . Chief QBs Steve Fuller and Tom Clements sacked 18 times this season . . . Raiders routed Chiefs, 27-14, opening day behind QB Dan Pastorini's 317 years passing . . . RB Mark Van Eeghen becomes raiders' alltime rushing leader with 5,120 yards.

Chief injuries: NT Ken Kremer, ankel (Q); CB Charls Jackson, knee (Q); RB Earl Grant, knee (Q).

Raider injuries: MG Reggie Kinlaw, foot (D); CB Monte Jackson (Q); S Mike Davis, ankle (P); LB Matt Millen, knee (P); S Burgess Owens, heel (P). INTER CONFERENCE Bengals (1-3) at Packers (1-3)

Data: Bengals favored by 7 . . . Jets and Giants are bad, but Packers are bad . . . Bengals' three losses by a total of nine points . . . Future ex-Packer Coach Bart Starr says his team played well in 28-7 loss to Cowboys last week . . . Packer QB Lynn Dickey (11 of 26) was relieved by newly signed backup Steve Pisarkiewicz (two of five) . . . Bengal Coach Forrest Gregg, explaining why he demamands his players wear coats and ties on the road: "We're getting paid an excutive's salary, and we should look like executive's ." . . . Injured Bengal QB Ken Anderson says he will play.

Bengal injuries: LB Jim LeClair, neck (Q); LB Reggie Williams, knee (Q); WR Isaac Curtis, knee (P); RB Archie Griffin, heel (P); QB Ken Anderson, knee (P).

Packer injuries: C Larry McCarren, hand (Q); CB Mark Lee, hamstring (P). Steelers (3-1) at Vikings (2-2) TV: WRC-TV-4, 1 p.m.

Data: Steelers favored by 7 1/2 . . . Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw builds on his statistical monument: He has thrown TD passes in 10 straight games and for 200 yards or better in 11 straight . . . Steelers 0-3 in Metropolitian Stadium . . . Viking QB Tommy Kramer tossed five interceptions last week in 27-7 loss to Lions . . . Viking Coach Bud Grant claims he will not even worry about Bradshaw until he finishes duck hunting Saturday.

Steeler injuries: RB Sidney Thornton, neck (O); T John Kolb, ankle (Q); LB Zack Valenine, knee (P).

Viking injuries: T Ron Yary, foot (Q); S Keith Nord, ankle (Q); S Kurt Knoff, mouth (P). MONDAY GAME Buccaneers (2-2) at Bears (1-3) TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m. Radio: WTOP-1500, 9 p.m.

Data: Game rated even . . . Buccaneers have gained 859 yards in last two games . . . Last week QB Doug Williams was 30 of 56 for 343 yards, all club record, and WR Jerry Eckwood caught club-record 10 passes . . . Bear RB Walter Payton continues to struggle . . . Bears' alleged QB duo of Mike Phipps and Vince Evans combined for four inteceptions in 27 tries last week . . . Bear defense leads NFC with 16 sacks.

Bucaneer imjuries: FS Cedric Brown, hamstring (Q); QB Doug Williams, ankle (P); C Steve Wilson, finger (P).

Bear injuries: TE Mike Cobb, virus (q); S Lenny Walterscheid, knee (Q); WR James Scott, hamstring (Q); WR Brian Baschnagel, shoulder (P); CB Wentford Gaines (P).

Key: IR-Injured reserve; O-Out for undetermined length of time; D-Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q-Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P-Probable, virtual certainty player will be available for normal duty.