Former Redskin linebacker Harold McLinton remained in very critical but stable condition last night after surgeons amputated his left leg at the knee late Saturday night at the Washington Hospital Center.

McLinton suffered massive injuries when he was struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident late Wednesday night.

Dr. Howard Champion, head of the Washington Hospital Center's shock/-trauma unit, said last night the amputation "certainly hasn't worsened his chances. If anything, it has somewhat enhanced his chance of overall survival. But we'll continue to face extremely significant problems for the next week or so.

"From midnight last Friday through midnight Saturday he had a difficult course. He's now stabilized again, and still critical. We also anticipate a sequence of dysfunction problems related to the accident and problems related to infection."

A hospital spokesman said earlier in the day that McLinton's heart, and lungs were functioning well and he is on a kidney machine to correct an imbalance of chemicals in his blood caused by massive tissue damage.

Dr. Champion indicated last night that neither the kidney problem nor the amputation were unexpected, considering the severity of McLinton's injuries.

McLinton remained semiconcious and acknowledged the presence of doctors and members of his immediate family by squeezing their hands.

A hospital spokesman said that more than 400 donors had given blood.

"He is continuing to get blood, but he hasn't used 400 units," the spokesman said. "We are happy to have it, though, even if he doesn't use it all."

The blood donor center at the Washington Hospital Center will open today at 9:30 a.m. and at least 35 members of the Redskins are expected to donate blood and sign autographs for other donors.