Next baseball season will be the 10th for the former Washington Senators (sigh) in Texas, and at least one of the Ranger stars wants no part of it. "All I know is that I don't want to play here anymore," said Buddy Bell.

"I want to be traded. I told Eddie Robinson (top executive) two weeks ago if Pat Corrales is fired, I wanted to be traded." Corrales' firing as manager was announced immediately after Sunday's season closer by owner Eddie Chiles.

Bell says the Rangers finished 20 1/2 games behind Kansas City because of a bunch of "selfish" players he says should have gotten the gate instead of Corrales. If he were in charge, said the .329-hitting third baseman who joined teammates Mickey Rivers and Al Oliver among the American League top 10 in batting, "I'd get rid of some of the players who are more interested in their own statistics and in getting out of here as soon as they can when the game is over.

"And I know who they are. I'm probably talking about 70 percent of the team."

And furthermore, Bell went on in a knock at top management evidently included Robinson, "I'm tired of sitting back and seeing people that are unqualified make decisions that affect me and my friends . . . I just can't believe the people with the money are surrounded by guys who don't know what they are talking about."