Bears (2-3) at Vikings (2-3)

Data: Vikings favored by 3 1/2 . . . Ageless Alan Page, Bear DT, last week turned in an interception, a fumble recovery and his eighth sack of season in 23-0 win over Buccaneers . . . Bear RB Walter Payton, held to 39 yards rushing in Vikings' 34-14 win last month, gained 133 yards versus Bucs to become Bears' all-time offense and defense in NFC.

Bear injuries: CB-KR Vaughn Lusby, knee (D).

Viking injuries: DE Mark Mullaney, ankle (Q); S Keith Nord, ankle (Q).

Packers (2-3) at Bucs (2-3)

Data: Buccaneers favored by 7 1/2 . . . Packer Coach Bart Starr received vote of confidence from management, then explained stragegy versus Bengals: "We prepared ourselves not to lose the game." So the Pack won, 14-9 . . . Buc Coach John McKay, grouchy of late, was very upset by team's 23-0 loss to Bears as QB Doug Williams was sacked four times and completed nine of 25 passes . . . Packers cut K Chester Marcol and promoted left-footed Tom Birney, who made seven of nine FGs last year,

Packers injuries: CB Mike Washington, back (Q); DE Bill Kollar, hand (Q); FS Cedric Brown, hamstring (Q); RB Johnny Davis, ankle (P); C Steve Wilson, hand and ribs (P); LB Richard Wood, thigh(P).

Rams (3-2) at Cardinals (2-3)

Data: Rams favored by 3 1/2 . . . Remodeled Ram offense explosive, averaging 31 points per game behind superb line . . . Ram QB Vince Ferragamo ranked No. 1 in league on 70 of 98 passes, 71 percent, eight TDs . . . Cardinals discovering winning formula: let Ottis Anderson run more an Jim Hart pass less; ball control keeps less than adequate defense safely Jim Hart pass less; ball control keeps less than adequate defense safely on sideline.

Ram injuries: T Doug France, ankle (P); CB Pat Thomas, Achilles (P); LB Jack Reynolds, back (P).

Cardinal injuries: LB John Barefield, shoulder (P); G Joe Bostic, ankle (P); DE Bob Pollard, knee (P).

Saints, (0-5) at Lions (4-1)

Data: Lions favored by 11 1/2 . . . Saints limp into Detroit giving up 390 yards a game . . . Saint Coach Dick Nolan is benching LB Joe Federspiel, LB Ken Bordelon and T Mike Fultz for general incompetence; replacements are Jim Kovach, Stan Holloway and Barry Bennett . . . Saint QB Archie Manning will start despite arm injury . . . After Falcons beat Detroit last week, 43-28, Lion Coach Monte Clark, an honest man, said "They kicked out rear and handed it back to us on a platter", . . . Lion RB Billy Sims should motor through Saint defense, worst in NFC.

Saint injuries: RB Wayne Wilson, hand (Q); QB Archie Manning, arn (P); SS Ray Brown, knee (P); FS Tommy Myers, shoulder (P) CB Ricky Ray, wrist (P); CB James Marshall, foot (P).

Lion injuries: SS Luther Bradley, leg (D); C Amos Fowler, leg (P); DT John Mendenhall, leg (P).

Eagles (4-1) at Giants (1-4)

TV: WVDM-TV-9, 1 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 7 1/2 . . . Fear not, Redskin fans: Eagle Coach Dick Vermeil says, "We're not a super football team. We're a good football team". . . Fear not, Redskin fans: Giants are a bad football team. fYoung Giant defense yielding 29 points a game, and QB Phil Simms struggling, completing only 42 percent of passes . . . Disgruntled Giant LB Brad Van Pelt wants to be traded to Detroit to be near hometown but Coach Ray Perkins say no; disgruntled LB Harry Carson tells Van Pelt, "You can live with me. I got a fold-out couch."

Eagle injuries: RB Billy Campfield, hamstring (Q); RB Wilbert Montgomery, hip (P); DT Ken Clarke, toe (P).

Giant injuries: RB-KR Alvin Garrett, hip (D); CB Terry Jackson, knee (P); LB Brad Van Pelt, hand (P); T GORDOB Terry Jackson, knee (P); LB Brad Van Pelt, hand (P); T Gordon King, foot (P); DE Gary Jeter, knee (P); QB Phil Simms, knee (P).

49ers (3-2) at Cowboys (4-1)

TV WMAR-TV-2, 2 p.m.

Radio: WEER-1250,WEER-FM-107.7, 2.p.m.

Data: Cowboys favored by 9 . . . Passes will be plentiful. Fact: Cowboy QB Danny White is 92 of 138, 67 percent, 1,126 yards, nine TDs. cFact: 49ers have two interceptions in five games. Fact: 49er Coach Bill Walsh says his team will throw 45 passes and complete 30 to 35 . . . Cowboy FB Ron Springs returns to starting lineup.

49er injuries: LB Scott Hilton, knee (P); RB Lenvil Elliott, knee (P); DE Jim Stuckey, ankle and hip (P); TE Eason Ramson, leg (P); WR Dwight Clark, shoulder (P); LB Thomas Seabron, leg (P); T Keith Fahnhorst, knee and shoulder (P); RB Paul Hofer, knee (P); LB Bobby Leopold, elbow (P); DT Ted Vincent, groin (P).

Cowboy injuries: DE Harvey Martin, thigh (Q); S Charlie Waters, hand and knee (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE

Colts (3-2) at Bills (5-0) TV; WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, 1 p.m.

Data: Bills favored by 3 . . . Bill DE Ken Johnson has written the tune, "I Got a Feeling That Buffalo Is Going to the Super Bowl" . . . Bills' offense bolstered by three new faces: rookie HB Joe Cribbs (leading AFC in rushing and scoring), G Conrad Dobler and C Aill Grant . . . Bills' defense allowing fewest points in AFC but two starting safeties out this week . . . Colt RB Joe Washington happy to be carrying less of workload . . . Fragile and valuable Colt QB Bert Jones has not been sacked past two weeks.

Colt injuries: RB Ben Garry, ankle (O); LB Mike Woods, knee (Q); T George Kunz, wrist, elbow (Q); QB Bert Jones, groin, calf (P); RB Curtis Dickey, wrist (P); WR Randy Burke, thigh (P); WR Brian DeRoo, heel (P).

Bill injuries: S Jeff Nixon, knee (O); S Rod Kush, knee (O); TE Reuben Gant, knee (P); WR Frank Lewis, ribs (P); C Will Grant, knee (P); NT Fred Smerlas, ankle (P).

Dolphins (3-2) at Patriots (4-1)

Data: Patriots favored by 7 . . . Pats have beaten Dolphins at home four straight . . . After hobbled Pat QB Steve Grogan left Jet contest last week, he told backup Matt Cavanaugh, "Win the game but don't play too good. I've finally got the fans liking me. All I need is for you to have a good game." Cavanaugh completed nine of 15 for 155 yards in 21-11 win . . . aS. Glenn Blackwood, CB Ed Taylor new Dolphin starters.

Dolphin injuries: QB Bob Griese, shoulder (Q); G Larry Little, knee (Q); CB Gerald Small, hip (Q); RB Delvin Williams, hamstring (P); RB Steve Howell, shoulder (P); Wr Duriel Harris, shoulder (P); T Cleveland Green, hand (P).

Patriot injuries: WR-KR Preston Brown, thumb (D); G Sam Adams, ankle (Q); RB Horace Ivory, shoulder (Q); QB Steve Grogan, knee (P); DE Julius Adams, arm (P); TE Don Hasselbeck, ribs (P); DE Tony McGee, thigh (P).

Chargers (4-1) at Raiders (2-3) TV: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Data: Chargers favored by 4 1/2 . . . With QB Dan Pastorini out indefinitely, Raiders turn to veteran Jim Plunkett, who was sacked five times last week and completed 20 of 52 with three interceptions . . . If Chargers cut down on turnovers, QB Dan Fouts (98 of 167, 12 TDs) should pick apart Raiders . . . New Charger RB Chuch Muncie ran 10 times for 37 yards last week.

Charger injuries: LB Cliff Thrift, ribs (Q); LB Linden King, hamstring (P); G Ed White, groin (P); G Doug Wilkerson, groin (P); WR John Floyd, shoulder (P).

Raider injuries: QU Dan Pastorini, leg (O); LB Bob nelson, shoulder (O); MG Reggie Kinlaw, foot (Q); CB Monte Jackson, knee (P). Browns (2-3) at Seahawks (3-2)

Data: Seahawks favored by 4. . . Brown backfield in turmoil: rookie Charles White has been unimpressive, Mike Pruitt says he wants to carry the ball more and Greg Pruitt still not in top form. "I believe Greg Pruitt is 100 percent," says Coach Sam Rutigliano, "and I believe Greg really wants to play. He will play a lot against Seattle". . .Surprising Seahawk defense sparked by LB Michael Jackson, who leads team in tackles and has two interceptions.

Brown injuries: G Robert Jackson, knee (Q); G Henry Sheppard, shoulder (P).

Seahawk injuries: FB Jim Walsh, thigh (O); G Jeff Sevy, ankle (Q); CB Kerry Justin jaw (P). Oilers (3-2) at Chiefs (1-4)

Data: Oilers favored by 5. . . Chiefs surprised Raiders last week behind defensive play of LBs Gary Spani and Whitney Paul and DE Art Still (three sacks) and return of offensive linemen Jack Rudnay and Charlie Getty. . .Oilers were blasted by Seahawks as QB Ken Stabler tossed five interceptions for second time this season and RB Earl Campbell held to 60 yards rushing.

Oiler injuries: DE Elvin Bethea, shoulder (D); LB Art Stringe, bicep (P).

Chief injuries: CB Paul Dombroski, nose (Q). Bengals (1-4) at Steelers (4-1)

Data: Steelers favored by 13. . .Steelers have won 18 straight at home; Bengals are 0-10 in Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium. . .Bengals upset Steelers, 30-28, last month by forcing six turnovers. . .Bengal offense horrendous with just seven TDs all season. QB Ken Anderson has not engineered a TDdrive yet. . .Steelers Donnie Shell and Mike Wagner have five interceptions each.

Bengal injuries: WR Issac Curtis, back (D); G Glenn Bujnoch, shoulder (P); DE Eddie Edwards, thigh (P).

Steeler injuries: WR Lynn Swann, ribs (O); DE John Banaszak, hamstring (D); RB Sidney Thornton, neck (Q); T Jon Kolb, ankle (q). INTER CONFERENCE

Jets (0-5) at Falcons (3-2)

Data: Falcons favored by 7. . .Jets worse than Reggie candy bars, but Falcon Coach Leeman Bennett say, "I'm worried, primarily because of the bounce-back effect". . .Jets bench No. 1 draft pick Lam Jones at WR in favor of Derrick Gaffney. . .Two Falcon losses have come by a total of four points. . .Falcon RBs William Andrews and Lynn Cain rank six-seven in Nfl rushing; QU Steve Barkowski completing 55 percent of passes.

Jet injuries: WR Wes Walker, thigh (O); QB Pat Ryan, shoulder (D); G Randy Rasmussen, calf (Q); RB Scott Dierking, ribs (O); DT Abul salaam, neck and thigh (Q); QB Richard Todd, toe, whoulder and knee (P); KRRB Bruce Harper, shoulder (P); Wr Paul Darby, wrist (P); DT Marty Lyons thumb (P).

Falcon injuries: DE Jeff Yeates, shoulder (D); LB Al Richardson, knee (Q); QB Steve Bartkowski, shoulder (P); LB Buddy Curry, hamstring (P); LB Joel Williams, knee (P); LB Tony Daykin, foot (P). MONDAY GAME Redskins (l-4) at Broncos (2-3)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WYRE-810, 9 p.m.

Data: Broncos favored by 6 1/2. . .Redskin loss would eliminate any realistic/serious/reasonable chance for playoffs. . .Kicking could be difference: Redskin Mark Moseley two of 10 in FGs; Bronco Fred Steinfort is 10 of 12 (and his misses were on 73-yard free kick and 42-yard blocked attempt after bad snap). . . .Redskins bench S Ken Houston and start Tony Peters. . ."Washington has had injuries, but we've had more than our share," Bronco Coach Red Miller said. . .Miller to stick with Qb Matt Robinson over Craig Morton at least one more week.

Redskin injuries: G Ron Saul, leg (Q); T George Starke, knee (Q); TE Don Warren, leg (P); T Terry Hermeling, concussion (P); RB C larence Harmaon, ankle (P); RB Rickey Claitt, ankle (P); DE Coy Bacon, knee (P); WR John McDaniel, shoulder (P).

Bronco injuries: LB Greg Bracelin, knee (O); LB Randy Gradishar, ribs (D); TE Riley Odoms, shoulder (Q).

Key: IR -- Injured reserve; O--Out for undetermined length; D--Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q--Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P--Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.