Roberto Duran already has said publicly there will be bloodshed when he fights Sugar Ray Leonard Nov. 25 in New Orleans. So yesterday, Leonard fanned the prefight promotional flames by saying, "That man is really crazy."

Leonard, promoter Don King and heavyweight champion Larry Holmes appeared at a press conference at the National Press Club, and Leonard said, "I want to say Duran is a nice guy, but it's hard to explain his character.

"We were in New York working on the promotion together, and he was fine, no problem. I saw him two days later and he says to me, 'I'm gonna kill you.

"This guy has so much confidence, such a desire to win, he's unbelievable. I lost to a great fighter. I'm not trying to be humble; I speak the facts. I was in there with that crazy man for 15 rounds. Duran is really crazy."

Holmes, meanwhile, is helping King with the promotion of the Leonard-Duran bout and says he has no plans to fight again this year. He also indicated he will retire after another year in the ring because, "I have nothing to prove. I want to break this cycle that all fighters wind up crazy and broke."

King, as usual, was full of bluster and bombast, describing the second Leonard-Duran bout as "one of the biggest promotions in the history of the world. Actually, it's too big for this earth. It will go through the universe."