Howard University running back Ivan Thompson, who said three days ago he no longer had money to buy food and was desperately hungry, yesterday denied an assertion by the school's athletic director that he was given more money in financial aid than the team's scholarship players are awarded.

Howard Athletic Director Leo Miles said Friday that Thompson was receiving more money in aid from the school than a full athletic scholarship, which is worth $4,059, provides.

"All I get is a (Basic Educational Opportunity Grant) worth $1,800 a year," said Thompson when informed of Miles' comments in a phone conversation early yesterday morning. "But my bill for the semester was $2,200 and I took out a government loan to pay the difference.

"If they implied I wasted my money, they are wrong," continued Thompson, who left his Cleveland home to attend an Oregon junior college before transferring to Howard a year ago and making the team as a walk-on.

"I managed my money the best I could and, besides, the coach (Floyd Keith) promised me a meal ticket (approximately $1,100 a year) if I made the team. I did have money but I've been broke for a month. I had every-day living expenses to pay since I got back to school in August. Plus, I try to help out my folks in Cleveland."