NATIONAL CONFERENCE Cards (2-4) at Redskins (1-5)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, Wyre-810, 1 p.m.

Data: Redskins favored by 3 1/2 . . . Redskin pattern developing play well in spots, lose a close game and speak optimistcally in the locker room . . . Return of TE Don Warren helped Redskin running game last week . . . Cardinal QB Jim Hart continues to pass well (61 percent completions) as his team continues to lose . . . Redskins await return of K Mark Mosley's faithful foot, responsible for nine misses in 12 FG attempts this season.

Cardinal injuries: G Tom Banks, knee (IR); CB Tim Collier, knee (O); G. Joe Bostic, ankle (Q); QB Jim Hart, thumb (P); DE Bob Pollard, leg (P).

Redskin injuries: RB Rickey Claitt, ankle (P); T George Starke, calf (P); RB Clarence Harmon, ankle (P); T Terry Hermeling, knee (P); G Bob Kuziel, knee (P); G Ron Saul, calf (P); TE Don Warren, leg (P); DE Coy Bacon, knee (P); WR John McDaniel, shoulder (P). Falcons (3-3) at Saints (0-6)

Data: Falcons favored by 3 . . . Saints need quick start or disgruntled fans may dismantle Superdome . . . Who is Benny Ricardo? The best short-range kicker in the league. Saint K good on seven straight FGs this season and has made 28 in a row from within 40 yards since September 1978 . . . Falcon rushing combo of Lynn Cain (412 yards) and William Andrews (387) face NFC's most generous rushing defense.

Falcon injuries: DE Jeff Yeates, shoulder (D); LB Al Richardson, knee (Q); G R.C. Thielemann, back (Q); QB Steve Bartkowski, knee (P).

Saint injuries: LB Jim KOVACH, SHOULDER (Q); QB Archie Manning, knee (P); G-T Dave Lafary, thumb (P); CB Ricky Ray, foot (P). Cowboys (5-1) at Eagles (5-1)

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, 1 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 3 . . . Game of matchups: Eagle Coach Dick Vermeil's California smile vs. Cowboy Coach Tom Landry's Texas grimace; All-Pro Eagle T Stan Walters vs. All-Pro Cowboy DE Harvey Martin; Eagle QB Ron Jaworski vs. Cowboy QB Danny White . . . Landry says, "Philadelphia is the best defensive team in the NFC," Vermeil concerned about pass rush with just 12 sacks in five games . . . In last four games, White has completed 78 of 102, 926 yards, 11 TDs and one interception.

Cowboy injuries DE Larry Bethea, throat (Q); TE Jay Saldi, knee (P); G Herbert Scott, toe (P); SS Charlie Waters, knee (P).

Eagle injuries: DE Claude Humphrey, knee (Q); RB Billy Campfield, virus (Q); RB Wilbert Montgomery, groin (P). Lions (5-1) at Bears (2-4)

Data: Lions favored by 2 1/2 . . . Bear Coach Neill Armstrong "angry and frustrated" after 13-7 loss to Vikings, replaces QB Mike Phipps with Vince Evans (16 of 42 this season) . . . NFL's best runners clash: Lion Billy Sims (661 yards) and Bear Walter Payton (582); Lion rushing defense tops in league . . . Lions have outscored opponents, 70-7, in final quarter.

Lion injuries: T Keith Dorney, knee (IR); C Amos Powler, leg (D); SS Luther Bradley, leg (Q); G Homer Elias, leg (Q); QB Gary Danielson, ribs and shoulder (P).

Bear injuries: No new injuries reported. Rams (4-2) at 49ers (3-3)

Data: Rams favored by 9 . . .

Forty-niners have yielded 107 points in last two games, including 48-26 loss to Rams two weeks ago . . . Rams without RB Elvis Peacock, 49ers lose RB Paul Hofer . . . 49er Joe Montana replaces Steve DeBerg at QB; DeBerg says, "I'm not really sure the quarterback situation is gonna make any difference at all."

RAM INJURIES: RB Elvis Peacock, groin (D); T Jackie Slater, knee (P); WR Billy Waddy, mouth (P); T Doug France, flu (P); C Rich Saul, thumb (P); DT Cody Jones, flu (P).

49er injuries: RB Paul Hofer, knee (IR); G John Ayers, thigh (P); G Walt Downing, elbow (P); G Randy Cross, wrist and thumb (P); DE Jimmy Webb, hand (P); CB Ray Rhodes, hamstring (P); DE Jim Stuckey, ankle and hip (P); CB Morgan, toe (P); DT Ted Vincent, groin (P); RB Lenvil Elliott, knee (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE Patriots (5-1) at Colts (4-2) Radio: WCBM-680, 2 p.m. Data: Colts favored by 2 . . . Colt QB Bert Jones, with 1,407 yards passing and nine TDs, keeps Colts clicking . . . Jones unsacked in three straight games . . . Colts, the new Beast in the East, meet Patriot defense that limited Dolphins to 88 yards . . . Pat WR Harold Jackson has begun waving from the field in attempt to inspire cheers, a ploy he'll probably forgo at Memorial Stadium . . . Colt Coach Mike McCormack unhappy with tackling of DBs Larry Braziel, Bruce Laird and Neaby Glasgow.

Patriot injuries: QB Steve Grogan, knee (P); TE Don Hasselbeck, ribs (P); G Sam Adams, ankle (P); RB Horace Ivory, shoulder (P); G Bob Cryder, back (P).

Colt injuries: WR Randy Burke, thigh (Q): T George Kunz, thumb, elbow (P); RB Cleveland Franklin, knee (P); Mike Woods, knee (P). Bills (5-1) at Dolphins (3-3)

TV: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Data: Bills favored by 3 . . . "it was embarrassing. They completely dominated us. We had no semblance of an offense," Dolphin Coach Don Shula says about last week's 34-0 disaster against Patriots . . . Dolphin backup Don Strock, 3-0 versus Bills as starter, will go at QB but third-string David Woodley may see action . . . Bill QB Joe Ferguson's yardage and TDs down from last year, but with good reason. RB Joe Cribbs leads AFC in rushing with 452 yards.

Bill injuries: TE Reuben Gant, knee (P); C Will Grant, knee (P); WR Frank Lewis, ribs (P).

Dolphin injuries: G Larry Little, Knee (O); QB Bob Griese, shoulder (Q); S Don Bessillieu, heel (P). Chiefs (2-4) at Broncos (3-3)

Data: Broncos favored by 5 . . . Bronco Coach Red Miller again plays musical quarterbacks. He says Matt Robinson will start, but confirms that he may start Craig Morton in future games . . . Morton, who has led Broncs over Chiefs six straight times, came off bench last week to spark 20-15 win over Redskins . . . Bronco K Fred Steinfort 12 of 14 on FGs . . . Chief offensive line healthy, attitude better and QB Steve Fuller improving.

Chief injuries: CB M.L. Carter, knee (P); LB Whitney Paul, knee (P); WR Henry Marshall, shoulder (P);

Bronco injuries: G Tom Glassic, hand (O); LB Greg Bracelin, knee (Q); QB Matt Robinson, flu (P); G Paul Howard, flu (p). Seahawks (3-3) at Jets (2-4)

Data: Jets favored by 2 1/2 . . . Schizophrenic Seahawks winless at home, unbeaten on road . . . Jumbled Jets rediscovered running game last week, with Kevin Long getting 100 yards rushing . . . Jets reportedly angered by way Seahawks poured it on last year in 30-7 rout; "They tried to rub our noses in the dirt," says Jet CB Donald Dykes . . . Seahawk QB Jim Zorn was 23 of 29 for 222 yards last week, including 15 straight strikes, but Seattle held to FG.

Seahawk injuries: FB Jim Walsh, groin (O); DE Fred Anderson, leg (Q); LB Keith Butler, thigh (P); WR Seve Raible, ankle (P).

Jet injuries; KR-BB Bruce Harper, hamstring (D); WR Lam Jones, ribs (Q); WR Bobby Jones, leg (Q); QB Pat Ryan, shoulder (Q); Qb Richard Todd, toe, shoulder (P); WR Derrick Gaffney, hip (P); Rb Scott Dierking, ribs (P); WR Paul Darby, wrist (P); CB Bobby Jackson, shoulder (P). INTERCONFERENCE Packers (2-3-1) at Browns (3-3)

Data: Browns favored by 9 . . . The Bart Starr Special: Packer coach fired K Chester Marcol and hired Tom Birney, who missed Fg''s of 24 and 36 years in 14-14 tie last week with Buccaneers . . . Browns may start rookie Paul McDonald at QB for injured Brian Sipe, who was playing superbly. . . Packer QB Lynn Dickey did season's work versus Bucs, hitting 35 of 51 passes for 418 yards.

Packer injuries: DE Casey Merrill, shoulder (Q); LB Bruce Beekley, ankel (Q); RB Eddie Lee Ivery, eye (P); T Greg Koch, knee (P).

Brown injuries: QB Brian Sipe, knee (Q); WR Reggie Rucker, back (Q); TE Ozzie Newsome, knee (P); LB Bill Cowher, knee (P). Vikings (3-3) at Bengals (2-4)

Date: Bengals favored by 4 . . . Bengals can conquer Steelers but no one else . . . Bengal NT Mike White's blocked PAT was difference in last week's 17-16 triumph over Steelers. . . Viking QB Tommy Kramer hitting 54 percent of passes, but he's tossed 14 interceptions and only seven TDs.

Viking injuries: LB Matt Blair, shoulder, (O); G Brent Boyd, back (P); LB Jeff Siemon, hand (P).

Bengal injuries: LB Glenn Cameron, shoulder (D); QB Ken Anderson, knee (Q); WR Isaac Curtis, back (Q); G Dave Lapham, ankle (P). Giants (1-5) at Chargers (4-2)

Data: Chargers favored by 14 1/2 . . . Rutgers may be the best team playing in Giants Stadium this fall . . . How many yards passing can Charger QB Dan Fouts possibly get against young, injured Giant defense? 300. 400. Maybe 500 . . . Giants blew 16-3 halftime lead versus Eagles last week; "I just get depressed talking about it. This is rough on an old man," says Giant C Jim Clack about 31-16 loss.

Giant injuries: LB Harry Carson, knee (IR); T Jeff Weston, knee (IR); FS Bud Hebert, back (D); SS Beasley Reece, shoulder (Q); T Brad Benson, knee (Q); BB Scott Laidlaw, ribs (Q); T Gordon King, foot (P); CB Terry Jackson, knee (P); CB Mike Dennis, knee (P); LB Frank Marion, hamstring (P); G.J.T. Turner, knee (P); WR Danny Pittman, back (P).

Charger injuries: G Russ Washington, knee (O); DT Louie Kelcher, knee (Q); DT Wilbur Young, ankle (P); CB Claarence Williams, shoulder (P); LB Cliff Thrift, ribs (P); RB Chuck Muncie, flu (P); RB John Cappelletti, flu (P). Bucs (2-3-1) at Oilers (3-3)

Data: Oilers favored by 9. QB Ken Stabler (three TDs, 14 interceptions) reunited with all-pro TE Dave Casper . . . Buccaneer QB Doug Williams 15 of 49 past two weeks; Coach John McKay says, "Doug three some bad passes but in all fairness, he's not getting a lot of help" . . . Bucs allowed 569 yards to unoffensive-minded Packers last week . . . Oiler RB Earl Campbell gained 178 yards on 38 carries last week.

Buccaneer injuries: G Greg Roberts, knee (D); LB David Lewis, groin (Q); CB Mike Washington, back and groin (Q); LB Cecil Johnson, foot (P); CB Danny Reece, chest and lower back (P); DE Bill Kollar, hand (P); FS Cedric Brown, hamstring (P).

Oiler injuries: DE Elvin Bethea, shoulder (Q). MONDAY GAME Raiders (3-3) at Steelers (4-2)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500, 9 &.m.

Data: Steelers favored by 10 1/2 . . . Steeler Coach Chuck Noll lamented the "malaise" last week, which meant 17-16 loss to Bengals . . . Raiders, 13-1-1 on Monday nights, have beaten Steelers six of 11 and forced Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw to hurl 21 interceptions against only nine TDs. . . Raider QB Jim Plunkett, making his first start in three seasons, hit 11 of 14 last week in Charger upset . . . Steeler RB Franco Harris loves Mondays as much as Raiders, gaining 1,177 yards rushing in 15 appearances.

Raider injuries: DT Reggie Kinlaw, foot (P); LB Jeff Barnes, knee (P).

Steeler injuries: G Steve Courson, ankle (P); WR Lynn Swann, ribs (D); P Craig Colquitt, foot and toe (Q); RB Sidney Thornton, shoulder (Q); T Jon Kolb, ankle (P); DE John Banaszak, hamstring (P).

Key: Ir -- Injured reserve; O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will paly, P -- Probable, virtual certainty player will be available for normal duty.