Maryland broke its three-game losing streak by beating Wake Forest, 11-10, on Saturday, but that didn't mean Coach Jerry Claiborne slept any better than he had the three previous Saturdays.

"It doesn't matter whether we win or lose. I never sleep on Saturday night without a sleeping pill," Claiborne said yesterday.

Keeping Claiborne awake Saturday was the questionable health of quarterback Mike Tice. A 6-foot-7 senior, Tice has improved each week. He suffered a hip pointer on the first play of the Wake game, tried to come back but couldn't move, and took himself out of the game. Bob Milkovich came in and did a creditable job under trying circumstances. But Claiborne would like Tice back for Saturdays's game at Duke.

"If Mike can pratice, he'll definitely start against Duke," Claiborne said. "The question is whether he can get back in time to get the practice he'll need before the Duke game." Claiborne caught a break Saturday when Duke stunned Clemson, 34-17. Now, instead of having to convince his players all week that an 0-6 team is capable of beating them, Claiborne can talk about their play against Clemson. "Our players read the paper and they know that if a team isn't ready to play on Saturday, they're going to be in trouble," Claiborne said. "Rutgers almost beats Alabama, then loses to William and Mary."

Still, getting his team psyched for Duke may be difficult for Claiborne, since the players undoubtedly read the press guide, too, and can look at the last six Maryland-Duke scores, all Terrapin triumphs. The scores: 30-10, 56-13, 30-3, 31-13, 27-0, 27-0.