NATIONAL CONFERENCE Saints (0-7) at Redskins (2-5)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WYRE-810, WQRA-FM-94.3, 1 p.m.

Data: Redskins favored by 10 . . . Saints march into town minus rhythm and beat . . . Redskins ruled RFK last week; newcomers Wilburi Jackson at RB and Jeris White at CB finally playing well . . . Saints, NFC's worst in rushing offense and rushing defense, still boast QB Archie Manning, forever scrambling, forever passing, forever losing.

Saint injuries: LB Jim Kovach, shoulder (O); TE Brooks Williams, hip (Q); CB Ricky Ray, foot (Q); DT Derland Moore, toe (P); T James Taylor, knee (P); LB Stan Holloway, knee (P); DT Tommy Hart, knee (P); WR Wes Chandler, groin (P).

Redskin injuries: T Terry Hermeling, hand (D); DE Coy Bacon, knee (Q); C Bob Kuziel, wrist (P); LB Pete Wysocki, knee (P); DE Joe Jones, back (P); RB Clarence Harmon, ankle (P); C Jeff Bostic, back (P). Bucs (2-4-1) at 49ers (3-4)

Data: Buccaneers favored by 2 . . . This game is not likely to be a shutout: Bucs have yielded 1,036 yards in past two games and 49ers have yielded 138 points in past three games . . . 49er QB Joe Montana, in first 1980 start, hit 21 of 36 for 252 yards last week . . . Pleasant John McKay turning into perturbed John McKay as Bucs have gone five weeks without a win.

Buccaneer injuries: C Jim Leonard, neck (Q); G Greg Roberts, knee (Q); G Darrell Austin, hip (P); LB David Lewis, groin (P); LB cEcil Johnson, toe (P); DE Bill Kollar, hand (P); CB Mike Washington, groin (P).

49er injuries: CB Charles Johnson, thigh (P); CB Ray Rhodes, hamstring (P); DE Jim Stuckey, hip and ankle (P); RB Lenvil Elliott, knee (P); LB Keena Turner, shoulder (P); T Ken Bungarda, knee (P). Bears (3-4) at Eagles (6-1)

Data: Eagles favored by 7 1/2 . . . Can Philly stand two title teams? Eagles look tougher every week with arm of QB Ron Jaworski and NFL's No. 1-rated defense . . . Since return of injured FB Roland Harper to Bears three weeks ago, HB Walter Payton has enjoyed three 100-yard rushing days . . . Eagles limited Cowboys to 46 yards rushing, sixth time in seven weeks opponent held under 100.

Bear injuries: RB Roland Harper, groin (P).

Eagle injuries: RB Wilbert Montgomery, knee (D); C Guy Morriss, knee (Q). Rams (5-2) at Falcons (4-3)

Data: Rams favored by 4 . . . Ram offensive line best in business, allowing NFC-low six sacks and anchoring second-best rushing offense in NFC . . . With veterans Pat Haden and Bob Lee backing him, Ram QB Vince Ferragamo tries harder: 100 of 148 (68 percent) 1,348 yards, 14 TDs . . . Falcons own NFL's best rushing defense.

Ram injuries: WR Jeff Moore, chest (D); RB Elvis Peacock, groin (P); FS Nelson Cromwell, hand (P); WR Drew Hill, thigh (P); DT Cody Jones, ankle (P); WR Willie Miller, leg (P); WR Billy Waddy, mouth (P); CB pAt Thomas, Achilles (P); T Doug France, shoulder (P).

Falcon injuries: LB Al Richardson, knee (P); DE Jeff Yeates, shoulder (P). Vikings (3-4) at Packers (2-4-1)

Data: Packers favored by 1 . . . Packer QB Lynn Dickey stunning past two weeks, completing 52 of 73 passes . . . Pack has compiled three straight 300-yard offensive days; Vikings have given up 400 yards or more three of past four weeks . . . "We're down but we're not out," says Viking Coach Bud Grant, sounding more and more like Packer Coach Bart Starr.

Viking injuries: CB Bobby Bryant, shoulder (0); DE Ken Sanders, elbow (0); LB Matt Blair, shoulder (Q).

Packer injuries: SS Steve Luke, back (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE Bengals (3-4) at Oilers (4-3)

TV: WRC-TV-4, 4 p.m.

Data: Oilers favored by 6 . . . After Bengals' 14-0 win over Vikings last week, Coach Forrest Gregg analyzed, "I was pleased we didn't allow any points" . . . Bengal QB Ken Anderson enjoyed best day of season (21 of 28 for 270 yards) . . . With two-TE offense, QB Ken Stabler (19 of 26) and RB Earl Campbell (203 yards rushing) prospered last week.

Bengal injuries: WR Isaac Curtis, hip (Q); TE M. L. Harris, hand (P); G Max Montoya, hand (P); LB Glenn Cameron, shoulder (P).

Oiler injuries: G Morris Towns, toe (Q); DE Jesse Baker, calf (Q); DE Elvin Bethea, shoulder (P). Patriots (6-1) at Bills (5-2)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Data: Patriots favored by 2 . . . Pats touting Steve Grogan as league's best QB . . . Pats also boast superb catching corps with WRs Harold Jackson and Stanley Morgan and TE Russ Francis . . . Bill defense has allowed three rushing TDs . . . Pats winners of four straight in Buffalo.

Patriot injuries: G John Hannah, groin (P); CB Rick Sanford, knee (P); CB Mike Haynes, ankle (P).

Bill injuries: TE Reuben Gant, knee (Q); S Steve Freeman, shoulder (P); RB Roland Hooks, knee (P). Seahawks (4-3) at Raiders (4-3)

Data: Raiders favored by 3 . . . Seahawks 4-0 on road, but Raider players love home turf almost as much as Al Davis-signed checks . . . Seahawk QB Jim Zorn riddled Raiders last year for five TD passes; Raider QB Jim Plunkett riddling football morticians who buried him long ago . . . Raider, Seahawk defenses both suffering from case of West Coast mellowness.

Seahawk injuries: FB Jim Walsh, groin (D); QB Jim Zorn, back (Q); FB Dan Doornink, knee (Q); WR Steve Raible, ankle (P); T Jeff Sevy, hand (P).

Raider injuries: DT Reggie Kinlaw, foot (P); LB Jeff Barnes, knee (P). Steelers (4-3) at Browns (4-3)

Data: Steelers favored by 6. Steelers badly bruised; "We may be running out of folks. We may have to put the whole team on the front office list," says Steeler Coach Chuck Noll . . Brown Coach Sam Rutigliano always scared of Steelers: "I think if the Steelers lined up in a 2-9 defense, they'd still give us problems" . . . Steelers have beaten Browns 11 of last 12.

Steeler injuries: LB Jack Lambert, knee (O); WR Lynn Swann, ribs (D); G Ray Pinney, hip (Q); QB Terry Bradshaw, thumb (Q); DE L.C. Greenwood, neck (P); DE Dwight White, thigh (P); RB Franco Harris, knee (P); RB Sidney Thornton, shoulder (P).

Brown injuries: No new injuries reported. INTERCONFERENCE Cardinals (2-5) at Colts (4-3)

Radio: WCBM-680, 2 p.m.

Data: Colts favored by 7. Cardinal QB Jim Hart, battered by Redskins last week, hopes his depleted offensive line at least trips onrushing defenders this week. . . Colts protecting The Franchise, QB Bert Jones, very well -- only nine sacks in seven games. . . Colt P Mike Bragg, sends message to Redskin front office: of 26 punts this season, 11 have been downed inside 20-yard line.

Cardinal injuries: FS Ken Greene, knee (O); CB Tim Collier, leg (O); QB Jim Hart, shoulder (Q); LB Mark Arneson, leg (Q); SS Roy Green, leg (Q); WR Mel Gray, shoulder (Q).

Colt injuries: WR Randy Burke, thigh (Q); TE Reese McCall, groin and ankle (P); LB Steve Heimkreiter, hamstring (P); WR Ray Butler, hand (P); T George Kunz, thumb and elbow (P); WR Mike Siani, flu (P). h Broncos (3-4) at Giants (1-6)

Data: Broncos favored by 6. Only days after telling his team that it may not win another game this season, Giant Coach Ray Perkins proclaims, "We're going to win this game;" Giant LB Brad Van Pelt says, "I've never met a more positive person than Ray Perkins." . . . Giants may have problems but they do not have Red Miller, the Bronco coach who this week will start Craig Morton at QB but cautions "nothing is forever." Morton responds, "I don't really know what's happening. I don't know what the coaches are thinking."

Bronco injuries: G Tom Glassic, hand (Q); S. Steve Foley, finger (P); LB Tom Jackson, hip (P); LB Greg Bracelin, knee (P).

Giant injuries: LB Frank Marion, hamstring (D); LB Phil Cancik, foot (Q); G J. T. Turner, foot (P); Te Gary Shirk, neck (P); LB Brad Van Pelt, shoulder (P); CB Mike Dennis, knee (P).

Lions (5-2) at Chiefs (3-4)

Data: Chiefs favored by 3. Chiefs, winners of three straight with rebuilt offensive line and improving QB Steve Fuller, meet stumbling Lions, still with league's top rushing offense behind rookie Billy Sims (704 yards). . . Lion WR Freddie Scott has 23 catches for 398 yards.

Lion injuries: C Amos Fowler, leg (Q); DE Al Baker, hip (P); WR John Arnold, leg (P).

Chief injuries: WR J. T. Smith, knee and ankle (Q); RB Tony Reed, leg (P). Chargers (5-2) at Cowboys (5-2)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, 9 p.m.

Data: Cowboys favored by 2. Hey, is Dan Fouts real? Is he serious? Charger QB has passed for 832 yards past two weeks, 2,074 yards and 16 TDs on season and appears headed for another routine 4,000-yard year. . . Now, a normal guy like Cowboy QB Danny White has only 1,587 yards and 13 TDs. . . Cowboy running game sputtering, averaging only 3.6 yards a crack. . . Cowboy Coach Tom Landry says 28 points should beat the Chargers, who are averaging 30 per game.

Charger injuries: WR Ron Smith, back (Q); TE Gregg McCrary, hamstring (P); DE Leroy Jones, ankle (P); RB Booker Russell, shoulder (P); DT Louie Kelcher, knee (P); DE John Lee, thigh (P); Rb Clarence Williams, calf (P); DT Gary Johnson, neck (P).

Cowboy injuries: RB Tony Dorsett, ribs (Q); LB Guy Brown, ankle (P); S Dextor Clinkscale, hamstring and calf (P); S Charlie Waters, knee (P); WR Tony Hill, flu (P). MONDAY GAME

Dolphins (4-3) at Jets (1-6)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio WTOP-1500, 9 p.m.

Data: Jets favored by 1. . . Last time Jets hosted Monday night football, New Yorkers got drunk, fought and threw bottles. So Jets are doubling their security force. . . Jet K Pat Leahy's next kick may be his last: Coach Walt Michaels says, "If (his FG average) drops below .500, I'm not telling you what might happen." Leahy is five of 10. . . . Dolphins 12-5 on Monday nights, Jets are 1-8.

Dolphin injuries: QB Bob Griese, shoulder (Q); LB Steve Towle, hamstring (P).

Jet injuries: WR Paul Darby, ankle (O); CB Bobby Jackson, ankle and shoulder (Q); DT Marty Lyons, abdomen (Q); LB Greg Buttle, hamstring (Q); KR-RB Bruce Harper, hamstring and knee (P); WR Lam Jones, ribs and elbow (P); WR Derrick Gaffney, wrist (P); RB Scott Dierking, ribs (P); QB Richard Todd, knee, shoulder and toes (P); QB Pat Ryan, shoulder (P); DT Abdul Salaam, thigh (P); S Darrol Ray, hip (P); T Chris Ward, neck (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined time; D - Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q - Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P - Probable, virtual certainty player will be available for normal duty.