Fat chance it will soften up any of Chicago's hard hitters for the Redskin invasion of Soldier Field, but another Big Bad Bear has been fined $1,000 by the NFL for leveling an opponent: defensive end Mike Hartenstine, for jarring Eagle quarterback Ron Jaworski.

Well, anyway, maybe Hartenstine won't be able to avoid thinking about it.

The league office notified the 243-pounder yesterday of his penalty -- none was called by game officials Oct. 25 in Philadelphia when he sacked Jaworski violently enough in the second quarter to inflict a concussion that forced the Eagle star to miss most of the day's remaining action.

The play has been shown and reshown from all angles, but the legality of Hartenstine's hit still depends on the point of view. "If Mike views the play the same way we do," said Chicago General Manager Jim Finks, "he'd be foolish not to appeal. He hit him with his forehead. This is a technique everyone uses and is not spearing." Nick Skorich, NFL assistant supervisor of officials, agreed it was not spearing because Hartenstine's head was vertical and not horizontal when he blindsided Jaworski. But Eagle Coach Dick Vermeil maintained the play was illegal.

Jaworski accepted his lot with a bit more equanimity than Redskin Joe Theismann after the body slam by Oakland's Willie Jones. And last word, from Hartenstine:

"They claimed I used my helmet and my hands too vigorously. It doesn't matter what I think, I got the fine."