Although Mark Moseley says the strained muscle in his left leg won't prevent him from kicking off against the Bears Sunday, the Redskins aren't taking any chances. Yesterday, defensive tackle Paul Smith practiced kickoffs and he'll be used in the game if Moseley's leg tightens up.

"Paul hasn't kicked off in years," Coach Jack Pardee said, "but we wanted him ready just in case Mark can't kick. We think he'll be okay, but kickoffs put more of a strain on his legs than field goals. He should be albe to handle field goals but Paul could do the kicking off, if necessary."

Moseley said his (nonkicking) leg feels better, but is not 100 percent. He hurt it last week against Minnesota and has not practiced much this week.

"I think I can handle all the kicking," he said. "It will be a matter of how the leg feels in warmups on Sunday."

The Redskins also worked on another phase of the kicking game yesterday: blocking punts and field goals.A large mat was placed on the practice field and various players took turns trying to knock away kicks. Against Minnesota, John McDaniel missed a punt block and was penalized for running into the kicker, which proved to be a costly penalty for Washington.

Pardee pronounced his club fit and ready for the Bears, who have the same 3-6 record as Washington. He said he wasn't worried about any intimidation tactics the Bears might try in the game. "If they do anything illegal, the officials will call them," he said. "They just play the game hard, like it's supposed to be played. But that's why I want us to be doing everything a little better than before, so we can do the hitting instead of taking the hits."