I am mad at the Washington Post sports editors: let me tell you why. I know that The Post has an obligation to print alleged abuses by Howard University. But it seems that the only time any black college makes the front sports page of The Post is when it is accused of doing wrong.

There is some good football played on the black college campuses. You aren't going to find a better-played game than Grambling versus Alcorn State.

But the editors of The Post and other major media ignore black college sports. They believe that no one is interested in it. They are wrong. There are more than 100 players from black colleges playing in the NFL. Something must be okay with these schools to have those credentials. My alma mater, Norfolk State, has three guys playing pro football right now.

Another thing that irritates me is that the major media will play up to the major football powerhouses. Why does Maryland receives 98 percent of the college football coverage? The other colleges receive paltry coverage, at best.

The Post will cover the Texas-Arkansas game even though few people in this area went to those schools, but will say that a Florida A & M-South Carolina State game is of no local importance.

I am not defending Howard University's football program. I am standing up for black college sports. I believe that the true sports fan will appreciate the brand of football played at these colleges. I also know that the alleged infractions at Howard are minor compared to other colleges. USC has admitted that it enrolled academically deficient students. Plus, it was accused of allowing student athletes to receive credit for classes they didn't attend. But The Post backed off this story and gave major attention to Howard. It wasn't accused by the NCAA of doing anything wrong.

If The Post is going to write about alleged abuses by Howard and any other black college, it has an obligation to write about the kind of sports played at the black colleges. And don't play up the big-time, million dollar college football powerhouses.