NATIONAL CONFERENCE Redskins (3-6) at Bears (3-6)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WQRA-FM-94.3, WYRE-810, 1 p.m.

Data: Bears favored by 3 . . . Wary Redskins as shellshocked as the Democrats, and in as much trouble . . . Brown QB Brian Sipe says Bear defense NFL's best . . . Bear RB Walter Payton (792 yards rushing) totals 194 yards in two contests versus Redskins . . . Redskin QB Joe Theismann says playoffs still possible . . . Redskin rookie WR Art Monk has 33 catches.

Redskin injuries: G Jeff Williams, thigh (Q); T Terry Hermeling, thumb (Q); LB Pete Wysocki, wrist (P); K Mark Moseley, thigh (P); SS Tony Peters, ankle (P); DE Dallas Hickman, elbow (P).

Bear injuries: LB Tom Hicks, shoulder (Q); FS Doug Plank, knee (P); WR James Scott, hamstring (P); LB Otis Wilson, shoulder (P). Falcons (6-3) at Cardinals (3-6)

Data: Falcons favored by 2 . . . RBs William Andrews and Lynn Cain, two of top rushers in NFL, were Falcon steals in 1979 draft: Andrews, played at Auburn with Joe Cribbs, Cain at Southern Cal with Charles White . . . Protected by patched-up offensive line, Cardinal QB Jim Hart finding underrated Pat Tilley (47 receptions) . . . Falcon defense starts four rookies yet is Nfl's best against the rush.

Falcon injuries: WR-KR Reggie Smith, knee (IR); CB Rick Byas, thumb (D); DE Jeff Yeates, shoulder (P); DT Wilson Faumunia, neck (P).

Cardinal injuries: CB Tim Collier, knee, (O); WR Pat Tilley, foot (Q); G Ron Coder, knee (P); WR Mel Gray, wrist (P); LB Tim Kearney, hand (P); RB Randy Love, hand (P); LB Jeff McIntyre, foot (P); FS Ken Stone, foot (P); DT Russ Brown, leg (P). Cowboys (7-2) at Giants (1-8)

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER 107.7, 1 p.m.

Data: Cowboys favored by 10 . . . Royalty visits paupers as the Cowboys try to beat the Giants for the 13th straight time . . . "Danny passed an obstacle that stood in his way, the mystique-type thing that Roger Staubach had of pulling out so many games," says Cowboy WR Drew Pearson after QB Dany White led 27-24 comeback over Cards last week. White completing 68 percent of passes . . . New York City: first in business, first in theater and last in the NFL in offense.

Cowboys injuries: R Preston Pearson, arm (D); T Jim Cooper, knee (Q); WR Tony Hill, foot (P); RB James Jones, neck and chest (P); G Herbert Scott, groin (P); QB Danny White, left shoulder (P).

Giant injuries: WR Danny Pittman, knee (0); G J.T. Turner, foot (O); RB Bo Matthews, hip (D); CB Mike Dennis, ribs (Q); RB Billy Taylor, foot (P).

Lions (6-3) at Vikings (4-5)

Data: Vikings favored by 1 . . . Courtesy of Redskins, Vikings were not sacked or intercepted last week for the first time this season, with Qb Steve Dils starting his first NFL game. . . "He's unreal," says Lion Coach Monte Clark of rookie K Ed Murray, who has been good on 16 of 24 FGs and booms kickoff into the end zone . . . Detroit's best mileage bet, RB Billy Sims, has rolled up 896 yards rushing and 11 TDs.

Lion injuries: G Russ Bolinger, leg (D); LB Ken Fanetti, leg (Q); WR Jesse Thompson, leg (P).

Viking injuries: CB Bobby Bryant, shoulder (Q); QB Tommy Kramer, hand (Q); G Wes Hamilton, ankle (Q); DE Mark Mullaney, groin (Q).

Eagles (8-1) at Saints (0-8)

Data: Eagles favored by 10 . . . Eagle QB Ron Jaworski, once a run-and-gun leader, matures to enjoy best campaign: 140 of 236, 59 percent, 1,923 yards, 18 TDs . . . Give QB Archie Manning time and he'll complete 61 percent of his passes in those endless Saint losses . . . If Saints lose, they end any hopes of winning NFC West title. . . . Eagles yielding 13 points per game.

Eagles injuries: RB Wilbert Montgomery, knee (D); G Petey Perot, hip (Q); RB Perry Harrington, hamstring (P).

Saint injuries: WR-KR Rich Mauti, arm (IR). 49ers (3-6) vs. Packers (3-5-1)

Data: Packers favored by 4 . . . Game in Milwaukee . . . 49er QB Steve DeBerg, who said he was unsure why he was benched three weeks ago, starts again, replacing Joe Montana, who says he is unsure why he is being benched. Coach Bill Walsh says 49ers need DeBerg's "maturity" . . . Packers, amazingly, have gained at least 300 yards in five straight games . . . Packer QB Lynn Dickey has 17 interceptions but 49ers have picked off just six passes.

49er injuries: RB Bobby Ferrell, knee (P); G Randy Cross, knee (P); WR-KR James Owens, hamstring (P); FS Dwight Hicks, thigh (P); CB Charles Johnson, thigh (P); DE Lawrence Pillers, neck (P); QB Steve DeBerg, left arm (P); TE Eason Rason, shoulder (P).

Packer injuries: LB John Anderson arm (O); LB George Cumby, knee (O); G Buddy Aydelette, knee (O); RB Steve Atkins, ankle (O); Dt Charles Johnson, ankle (D). AMERICAN CONFERENCE Bronws (6-3) at Colts (5-4)

Radio: WCBM-680, 2 p.m.

Data: Colts favored by 3 1/2 . . . If killer whales invaded the Inner Harbor, Bert Jones could harpoon them from 60 yards under a heavy rush. Colt QB 17 of 29 for 211 yards last week versus Chiefs . . . Colt coach Mike McCormack likens Brown QB Brian Sipe to former Redskin Qb Billy Kilmer . . . Battle of third-down specialists: Colt RB Don McCauley and Brown RB Calvin Hill. Hill, 33 says "I'm not as fast as I used to be, but I'm not as slow as some people think."

Brown injuries: T Doug Dieken, knee (Q); LB Robert Jackson, knee (Q).

Colt injuries: T George Kunz, back (Q); S Lyle Blackwood, hamstring (Q); Rb Curtis Dickey, ankle (P); WR Roger Carr, ankle (P); CB Kim Anderson, ankle (P); LB Mike Woods, thigh (P). Bengals (3-6) at Raiders (6-3)

Data: Raiders favored by 6 1/2 . . . "Jerks," Bengal QB Ken Anderson calls hometown fans who cheered when he was injured. "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it." Anderson, listed as questionable, against will start if chest heals . . . Raiders 4-0 since Jim Plunkett's revival at QB . . . Raider K Chris Bahr, released by Bengals before season, has hit nine of 10 FGs from within 40 yards . . . Lame-duck Oakland fans present owner Al Davis with sixth straight non-sellout.

Bengal injuries: RB Pete Johnson, knee (D); QB Ken Anderson, chest (Q); DE Mike Sinclair, knee (Q).

Raider injuries: C Dave Dalby, groin (P); RB Kenny King, ankle (P). Broncos (4-5) at Chargers (6-3)

TV: WRC-TV-4, 4 p.m.

Data: Chargers favored by 8 . . . In three weeks as starter, Bronco QB Craig Morton 42 of 72 for 432 yards . . . Charger QB Dan Fouts, pilot of San Diego Air, has 2,715 yards passing and at least one TD toss in 19 straight games. Co-pilots John Jefferson and Kellen Winslow share AFC reception lead at 50 . . . Chargers lead AFC in offense (109 yards rushing, 291 passing per game) . . . Bronco K Fred Steinfort 16 of 19 on FGs.

Bronco injuries: RB Otis Armstrong, neck (O); T Dave Studdard, back (P); G Tom Glassic, hand (P).

Charger injuries: LB Linden King, ankle (O); CB Hal Stringert, hamstring (Q); T Billy Shields, ankle (P); CB Jerome Dove, arch (P); DE Leroy Jones, groin (P); DE Wilbur Young, knee (P). Chiefs (4-5) at Seahawks (4-5)

Data: Seahawks favored by 3 . . . Opposing QBs punished in pocket this season: Chief Steve Fuller sacked 32 times while Seahawk Jim Zorn sacked 23 times. Zorn, however, has passed for more than 250 yards three straight weeks . . . Seahawks 0-4 at home.

Chief injuries: G Tom Condon, eye (Q); NT Don Parrish, back (Q); Qb sTeve Fuller, ribs and hand (P); LB Whitney Paul, leg (P); LB Gary Spani, back (P).

Seahawk injuries: S John Harris, knee (Q); S Don Dufek, hand (Q); RB Jeff Moore, ribs (P). Bills (6-3) at Jets (2-7)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Data: Bills favored by 3 1/2 . . . "We don't have enough people for practice," says Jet Coach Walt Michaels, who adds, "This is no time to fold the tent. Now is the time to suck up your gut." Jets minus six injured starters on offense . . . Bills AFC's No. 1 team against rush, giving up 100 yards a game . . . Bill Rb jOe Cribbs has 11 TDs . . . Michaels defends QB Richard Todd, citing "a lot of dropped balls."

Bill injuries: G Tim Vogler, hamstring (Q); DE Sherman White, concussion (P).

Jet injuries: G Randy Rasmussen, knee, (IR); T Chris Ward, ankle (D); RB Scott Dierking, calf (Q); RB Woody Bennett, knee (Q); WR Bobby Jones, ankle (Q); TE Mickey Shuler, hand and neck (P), WR Derrick Gaffney, wrist (P); RB Tom Newton, wrist (P). INTERCONFERENCE Dolphins (4-5) at Rams (6-3)

Data: Rams favored by 10 1/2 . . . Ram QB Vince Ferragamo, a bargain at $52,000 a year, leads league in passing: 133 of 210, 63 percent, 1,871 yards, 19 TDs after hurling five TDs last week . . . Rams have scored 144 points in last three home games . . . Dolphin Coach Don Shula: "Something's got to happen. We've got to start scoring touchdowns." Don't count on it with rookie QB David Woodley.

Dolphin injuries: WR Duriel Harris, hamstring (D); QB Bob Griese, shoulder (Q); LB Steve Towle, ankle (Q); CB Don McNeal, thigh (P); FB Steve Howell, foot (P).

Ram injuries: FS Nolan Cromwell, hip (P); DE Fred Dryer, ankle (P); DT Mike Fanning, flu (P); SS Johnnie Johnson, eye (P); CB Rod Perry, flu (P); RB Wendell Tyler, hip (P); CB Pat Thomas, Achilles (P); LB Jim Youngblood, ankle (P). Steelers (5-4) at Bucs (4-4-1)

TV: Steelers favored by 6 1/2 . . . Steelers' aging defensive line finally rebounded last week: DE L.C. Greenwood and DT Joe Greene combined for three sacks . . . Buccaneer Coach John McKay continues season-long crusade for Doug Williams, saying QB has developed at same rate Steeler Terry Bradshaw did . . . McKay also likens Ricky Bell to Steeler RB Franco Harris, who needs nine yards rushing to top 9,000-yard mark.

Steeler injuries: De jOhn Banaszak, knee (D); DE Dwight White, knee (Q); LB Jack Lambert, knee (Q); RB Franco Harris, concussion (Q); LB Loren Toews, knee (P).

Buccaneer injuries: C Steve Wilson, ankle (P); DE Lee Roy Selmon, back (P); CB Neal Colzie, hand (P). MONDAY GAME Patriots (7-2) at Oilers (6-3)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500, WQRA-FM-94.3, 9 p.m.

Data: Oilers favored by 3 1/2 . . . Oiler Coach Bum Phillips, stung twice in two weeks by officials' whistles, suggests officials keep their whistles out of their mouths unless they intend to blow them . . . Patriot K John Smith 17 of 20 on FGs . . . Pat defense suspect against the rush, which could mean big day for Oiler Earl Campbell.

Patriot injuries: NT Ray Hamilton, knee (P); QB Steve Grogan, knee (P); LB Steve King, knee (P); G Sam Adams, ankle (P); DE Julius Adams, elbow (P).

Oiler injuries: LB Art Stringer, knee (D); CB Carter Hartwig, ankle (D); QB Ken Stabler, knee (P).

Key: IR -- Injured reserve; O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty player will be available for normal duty.