Redskin Coach Jack Pardee reacted angrily yesterday to criticism of his coaching by some of his players by chewing out the entire squad during a team meeting and warning against further critical remarks.

Following Sunday's embarrassing loss to Chicago, defensive end Coy Bacon said he thought the Redskins should be playing a strict 4-3 defense instead of using multiple alignments. He also said the players wanted changes, but that no one would go to Pardee or his staff and tell them.

"Out of frustration, people say a lot of things that shouldn't be said," Pardee said yesterday after the team meeting. "But each guy has to go out and just worry about his own job and not worry about anyone else's.

"I'm not going to publicly criticize any individual player and I never will. Any player who is certain he can coach is welcome to come in here and help with the game plan. But their job is to play, not coach."

Pardee maintained he had not read specific stories quoting Bacon and others, and he refused to listen to what the articles said. "I'm not going to comment one way or the other on them, anyway," he said. "We've dealth with the individuals on an individual basis and we will leave it at that. No one should be hesitant to talk to us. I may not have the time to get to everyone, but my assistants do."

Pardee's angry reaction yesterday was in contrast to his more mild approach after the Minnesota loss. But he still maintained yesterday that it was up to the athletes to provide most of the push.

"They are expected to get ready to play to the best of their ability every week," he said. "I do what I can withlittle speeches and threats and such, but a player has to play because he wants to, because they want it themselves. The coaches can't be on the field themselves.

"When you are a pro, you should want to do the best you can every week. You shouldn't have to be told that. It's your job. That should be motivation enough."

Pardee indicated he would spend more time this week on training camp techniques in areas like the pass rush and pass defense and less on game preparation for the Philadelphia Eagles.

"The things we are doing wrong are correctable," he said. "I think we can straighten them out. The Eagles have been had before, we know that. They aren't invincible. But any effort short of our best just won't be enough."

Pardee also said that he was not sure if either Clarence Harmon and Wilbur Jackson, his starting backs, would be healthy enough to play Sunday against Philadelphia in RFK Stadium. Fred Dean will probably remain a starter at tackle even if Terry Hermeling, who has a sore thumb, is capable of playing.

"Both Clarence (sore ankle) and Wilbur (sore shoulder) are worse off than they were at this stage last week," he said. "I hope and feel they can play, but they may not be able to practice this week. We will just have to see how they improve as the days go on."

He said Dean was playing well and it would be better to keep him at one position instead of moving him to tackle or guard every week. "Terry isn't 100 percent and will have a cast the rest of the year," Pardee said, "so it might be better to go with the healthier guy."