Dick Vermeil, coach of the 9-1 Philadelpila Eagles, is winless at RFK Stadium in four ties. That should change this week. The defenses of the 3-7 Washington Redskins were humiliated by the Bears. Joe Theismann sparked a strong second-half comeback in Chigago but came up short. tSome veterans, such as Coy Bacon, have been openly critical of the coaches' situation substitution philosophy on defense. Wilbert Montgomery is expected to return for Philadelphia. Philadelphia by 7.

St. Louis (3-7) at Dallas (7-3) -- The Cowboys face a strong challenge here. Danny White must bounce back strongly from his disappointing performance (five interceptions) against the Giants. The Cardinals have been competitive in every one of their defeats, except the 23-0 loss to Washington. The Cards have two losses in overtime, as well as a last-second defeat against the Cowboys at home. Dallas has won five straight in this rivalry, all close. Dallas by 10.

In other NFL games this weekend: Miami 7 over San Francisco, Oakland 3 over seattle, Minnesota 3 over Tampa Bay, Denver 6 over N.Y. Jets, New England 3 over Los Angeles, Atlanta 11 over New Orleans, San Diego 8 over Kansas City, Houston 3 over Chicago, Green Bay 3 over New York Giants, Pittsburgh 6 over Cleveland, Buffalo 3 over Cincinnati, Baltimore 3 over Detroit.