NATIONAL CONFERENCE Redskins (3-8) at Cowboys (8-3)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, WYRE-810.

Data: Cowboys favored by 12. . . Remember when Cowboy games meant something? "It's kind of funny," says Redskin QB Joe Theismann. "The only Dallas our fans worry about right now is the TV show." Cowboy President Tex Schramm says, "It scares the hell out of me. I don't want to have everyone lulled to sleep and then have the Redskins go giggling out of the stadium" . . . Old Cowboy statistic: they have allowed 18 runs of 15 yards or more and 36 passes of 20 yards or more . . . Rare Redskin plus: rookie WR Art Monk has 44 catches and Washington pass defense tops in NFL.

Redskin injuries: QB Joe Theismann, hamstring (Q); T Terry Hermeling, thumb (Q); WR Ricky Thompson, foot (P); CB Lemar Parish, knee (P); DT Perry Brooks, elbow (P); RB Clarence Harmon, ankle (P); LB Pete Wysocki, hand (P).

Cowboy injuries: RB James Jones, shoulder and knee (P); CB Aaron Mitchell, back (P); RB Preston Pearson, foot and hamstring (P); TE Jay Saldi, back and elbow (P); cb sTeve Wilson, hamstring (P).

Bears (4-7) at Falcons (8-3)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Data: falcons favored by 6 1/2 . . . "It seems odd to say it when you're 4-7, but we're not out of this thing yet," says Bear Coach Neill Armstrong. 4Not so odd in NFC Central, where an 8-8 mark could mean a title . . . Falcon RBs William Andrews (843 yards rushing) and Lynn Cain (669) could become first NFC tandem to both eclipse 1,000-yard mark . . . Bear Rb Walter Payton meets Falcon defense that has held three straight opponents to less than 100 yards in rushing . . . Falcon LB Joel Williams has little recognition and 12 sacks.

Bear injuries: TE Robin Earl, groin (P); DT Alan Page, flu (P).

Falcon injuries: DT Wilson Faumuina, ankle (O); K Tim Mazzetti, stomach muscle (P).

Lions (6-5) at Bucs (4-6-1)

Data: Buccaneers favored by 3 . . . Buc QB Doug Williams spent last Sunday throwing darts in critics' words; he passed 55 times, completing 30 for 486 yards and four TDs (ah, Doug, but your team lost) . . . Lions, losers of five of their last seven, need Chrysler-style bailout . . . Despite RB Billy Sims' persistence (1,043 yards rushing, 11 TDs for season), Lions, have scored just 53 points in past five weeks . . . Lion DE Al Baker has 9 1/2 sacks.

Lion injuries: T Homer Ellas, leg (O); G Russ Bolinger, leg (Q); DE. Dave Pureifory, arm (P).

Buccaneer injuries: RB Ricky Bell, knee (D); TE Tony Samuels, knee (D); C Jim Leonard, neck (Q); RB Jerry Eckwood, hamstring and calf (P); DE Lee Roy Selmon, eye (P).

Packers (4-6-1) at Vikings (6-5)

Data: Vikings favored by 6 . . . Instant Offense , the new show starring Packer QB Lynn Dickey and Viking QB Tommy Kramer, features some impressive credentials: Packers have gained 300 yards or more seven straight weeks and Vikings have averaged 37 points over past three games . . . Vikings, after stumbling start, could win seventh NFC Central title in eight years despite ranking 11th on defense and ninth on offense in NFC . . . Packers 0-4-1 on the road . . . Versatile Viking RB Ted Brown totals 568 yards on ground and 470 yards through air.

Packer injuries: QB Lynn Dickey, knee (Q); CB Mike McCoy, ankle (Q); DT Charles Johnson, ankle (Q); DT Terry Jones, hand (Q); LB Ed O'Neil, shoulder (P).

Viking injuries: No new injuries reported.

Giants (3-8) at 49ers (3-8)

Data: 49ers favored by 3 . . . Okay, you can joke about the Giants all you want, but their record equals the Redskins. . . "We've been self-destructive," says 49er QB Steve DeBerg, who completed 15 straight passes last week but watched his team net 23 yards rushing . . . Giant highlights: Joe Danelo has kicked six straight FGs, QB Phil Simms is 35 of 66 for 673 yards, six TDs past two weeks and WR Earnest Gray totals 41 catches, eight TDs . . . 49er Coach Bill Walsh on RB Earl Cooper (60 receptions): "You're going to see some very good football from Earl Cooper, especially when a game is in doubt. The trouble is that some of our games haven't been in doubt."

Giant injuries: LB Brad Van Pelt, elbow (O); C Jim Clack, knee (P); G. J.T. Turner, ankle (P); S Gary Woolford, shoulder (P); lb Frank Marion, knee (P); WR Danny Pittman, knee (P).

49er injuries: LB Scott Hilton, ribs (P); WR James Owens, hamstring (P); LB Willie Harper, knee (P); LB Dan Bunz, ankle (P); T Ron Singleton, leg (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE

Colts (6-5) at Patriots (7-4)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, WNAV-1430, 1 p.m.

Data: Patriots favored by 6 1/2 . . . Shades of '78 and '79 collapses for Pats; "If you start doubting yourself, you're in trouble," Pat Coach Ron Erhardt told his squad, instructing players to ignore negative newspaper stories . . . Colt QB Bert Jones not sacked last week for sixth time this season . . . Pats averaging 27.4 points and 330 yards per game . . . Colts 5-1 on road but plagued by defensive breakdowns . . . Pat WR Stanley Morgan leads NFL with 21.8 yards per catch.

Colt injuries: WR Mike Siani, foot (Q); LB Sander Shiver, wrist (P); LB Mike Woods, knee (P).

Patriot injuries: DE Mel Lunsford, knee (D); LB Larry McGrew, knee (Q); TE Russ Francis, hip (P); LB John Zamberlin, shoulder (P); LB Rod Shoate, shoulder (P); C Pete Brock, shoulder (P); G John Hannah, knee (P).

Bengals (3-8) at Browns (7-4)

Data: Browns favored by 7 . . . Bengals, lowest scoring team in league, likely to start Jack Thompson at QB . . . Brown QB Brian Sipe rated No. 1 in AFC, and Coach Sam Rutigliano says, "He's the kind of quarterback who needs to be surrounded by Cadillacs. He can't throw a football through a brick wall" . . . Rutigliano impressed with improvement of nose tackle Henry Bradley, who drove trucks for a living last year after the Browns cut him.

Bengal injuries: QB Ken Anderson, chest (Q); WR Don Bass, knee (Q); RB Pete Johnson, knee (Q); TE Dan Ross, knee and hamstring (Q); DE Mike St. Clair, knee (Q); WR Pat McInally, ankle (P); CB Ken Riley, ankle (P)9

BROWN INJURIES: DE Lyle Alzado, ribs (Q); RB Cleo Miller, ankle (Q)9

Oilers (8-3) at Jets (2-9)

Data: Oilers favored by 6 . . . Nobody loves a loser, especially in New York. Jet DB Shafer Suggs, on injured reserve, blasts Coach Walt Michaels and calls his team a "lost cause." Jet fans want Michaels fired, according to a newspaper poll, and want George Allen hired . . . Oiler RB Earl Campbell, usually quiet, complains about late hits, singling out Bears and Pats as major offenders . . . Campbell, aiming for 2,000 yards rushing this season, has six straight 100-yard efforts . . . Oiler defense second in AFC and has allowed league-low four TDs rushing.

Oiler injuries: RB Earl Campbell, knee (Q); DE Jesse Baker, groin (Q); CB Carter Hartwig, ankle (P); TE Dave Casper, hamstring (P); P Cliff Parsley, ankle (P).

Jet injuries: Cb bObby Jackson, shoulder (D); C Joe Fields, knee (D); LB Ron Crosby, back (P).

Steelers (7-4) at Bills (8-3)

Data: Steelers favored by 2. . . Sporadic Steelers showing championship character by winning last three games by total of eight points. . . . Bill defense No. 1 in AFC after sufferingthrough years of horror. . . . In last four games, Steelers have allowed neither 100 yards rushing nor TD on ground. . . . Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw, still struggling, has thrown TD passes in 17 straight games. . . . About 35,000 Pittsburgh fans will be in Buffalo because of preseason Bill effort to sell tickets when tickets weren't selling.

Steeler injuries: TE Bennie Cunningham, ribs (Q); DE John Banasza hamstring (Q); DE Dwight White, knee (P).

Bill injuries: G Tim Vogler, hamstring (Q); G Conrad Dobler, shoulder; (P); WR Jerry Butler, hamstring (P); LB Chris Keating, ankle (P).

Seahawks (4-7) at Broncos (6-5)

Data: Broncos favored by 4. . . . Seahawks have lost to Eagles, Chiefs and Raiders in past three weeks by total of 10 points. . . . Seahawk QB Jim Zorn (15 interceptions) getting heat from fans; Bronco QB Craig Morton, no stranger to booing, overcame influenza last week for sparkling 27 of 39 performance for 306 yards. . . . Seahawks 0-6 at home, 4-1 on road. . . Bronco K Fred Steinfort 19 of 22 on FGs. . . . Broncos last in defense in AFC.

Seahawk injuries: KR Jessie Green, knee (O); RB Dan Doornink, hip (D); LB Michael Jackson, foot (Q); WR Steve Raible, knee (Q).

Bronco injuries: G Paul Howard, back (Q); T Dave Studdard, Achilles, (Q); T Claudie Minor , groin (Q); CB Louis Wright, eye (Q); QB Craig Morton, flu (P); RB Jim Jensen, thumb (P). INTER CONFERENCE

Chiefs (5-6) at Cardinal (3-8)

Data: Cardinals favored by 1. . . . It's billed as the Battle of Missouri, which means that neither team has playoff chances. . . . Cardinal RB Ottis Anderson last week became first running back to record three 100-yard rushing games against Cowboys. . . . Chief WRJ.T. Smithhas career-high 34 catches.

Chief injuries: T Charlie Getty, nose (D); WR Stan Rome, knee (D); DE Ken Kremer, shoulder (q); LB Whitney Paul, leg (Q); T Matt Herkenhoff, shoulder (P).

Cardinal injuries: WR Mel Gray, ankle (Q); WR Mark Bell, foot (Q); LB Steve Neils, ankle (Q); LB Tim Kearney, shoulder (p); DT Stafford Mays, hip (P); LB Jeff McIntrye, foot (P); LB Eric Williams, shoulder (P).

Raiders (8-3) at Eagles (10-1) Data: Eagles favored by 6. . . . Eagles look invincible: QB Ron Jaworski has 23 TD passes, DE Claude Humphrey has 10 sacks and defense has held nine of 11 foes to less than 100 yards rushing. . . . Raiders look mystical: backup QB Jim Plumkett is 6-0 as starter, RBs Kenny King and Mark van Eeghen rank among top six AFX rushers and defense has 39 sacks. . . . Eagle RB Wilbert Montgomery say first action in four weeks but reinjured knee vs. Redskins. . . . Bumber sticker in Oakland: "Will Rogers never met Al Davis."

Raider injuries: C Dave Dalby, groin (P); CB Monte Jackson, knee (P); RB Kenny King, hand (P); CB Otis McKinney, ankle (P).

Eagle injuries: RB Wilbert Montgomery, knee (Q); RB Perry Harrington hamstring (Q); LB Frank LeMaster, virus (Q). MONDAY GAME

Rams (7-14) at Saints (0-11)

TV: WJLA-TV-7,WJZ-TV-13,9 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500.

Data: RAMS FAVORED BY 10 1/2 . . . . poor Ray Malavasi. Ram coach is trying to convince players that Saints can win "because they're so hungry for that first win. . . . Rams to start Wendell Tyler at RB . . . . Saints, 0-5 on Monday nights, have gained 300 yards or more in six straight games but defense worst in NFC. . . . "In the best interest of the team," QB Vince Ferragamo and Rams have shelved their twice-a-week contract talks to end of season.

Ram injuries: C Rich Saul, leg (Q); DT Cody Jones, ankle (P); LB Jack Reynolds, ankle (P); T Doug France, thumb (P).

Saint injuries: DT Barry Bennett, hand (Q); SS Ray Brown, foot (P); P Russell Erxleben, hamstring (P); LB Reggie Mathis, shoulder (P); QB Archie Manning, neck and shoulder (P); DT Derland Moore, knee (P); C John Hill, knee (P); RB Jimmy Rogers, hand (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful at least 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.