Roberto Duran will have four men in his corner on Tuesday night when he defends the World Boxing Council welterweight championship against former title holder Sugar Ray Leonard, including a representative of the New Orleans Boxing Commission.

Leonard will have three in his corner, counting a commission representative.

Ray Arcel of New York will be in charge of Duran's corner. He will be assisted by Freddie Brown, also of New York, and Nestor Quinones of Panama, Duran's native country.

"We need only Freddie and myself," Arcel said today. "Quinones is an old friend of Roberto's who has been with him for nine years."

Duran's manager is Carlos Eleta, prominent industrialist in Panama. Luis Henriquez, a Panamanian, who, like Eleta, speaks English, is Duran's business representative and lives mostly in New York.

Trainer Arcel said that Quinones doesn't speak English but Duran has no trouble understanding Arcel and Brown.

"We suggest what punches to throw or strategy to follow and he knows what we mean," Arcel said. "He's a bright young fellow (who is being taught English by his wife).

"I'm in charge of strategy and final decisions on, say, whether we might stop a fight. Freddie is the chief second and cut man."

Angelo Dundee and Janks Morton will be in Leonard's corner, along with a commission representative.

No one will replace Dave Jacobs, Leonard's former trainer who was let go after having differences of opinion with the challenger over whether he should have fought Duran in a rematch without first having a tuneup bout or two.

Leonard's financial affairs are handled by Mike Trainer, a Silver Spring, Md., attorney.

"You could call Dundee the manager and chief second," Trainer said. "Morton is in charge of Ray's training and conditioning. He and Angelo get together with Ray on how the fight should be fought.

"Dundee has a bigger role now and we are all happy with this setup. Angelo would make any decision on whether or not to stop the fight. He is also the cut man.

"Angelo was formerly reluctant with his input, not wanting to offend Jacobs. Angelo used to show up a week or so before our fight and deal with the media; he is very good with that. Ray treated Jacobs very good when they parted."

Another visible figure in the entourage is Ollie Dunlap, who tried out for the Redskin football team when it was coached by the late Vince Lombardi.

Dunlap is in charge of security, equips and sets up training camps, and supervises Leonard's home training quarters. He tapes all of Leonard's training sessions, even on the road.

Trainer will be near Leonard's corner in a ringside seat.