George Rogers, winner of the Heisman Trophy Monday, has made a verbal agreement wth his coach, Jim Carlen, for Carlen to represent him in contract negotiations with professional football teams, apparently in violation of NCAA rules, the New York Daily News reported yesterday.

Carlen denied the story.

In a copyrighted story, the News quoted Rogers, a University of South Carolina running back, as saying he had accepted Carlen's offer to help him negotiate professional contracts and to help him manage any money he might earn.

"I'm gonna go with Coach," The News quoted Rogers as saying. "You've got to go with someone you can believe in. Coach Carlen is the only guy I know absolutely that I can trust.Plus you know he's doing it free."

NCAA officials would not comment on what, if any, action the association might take on the matter. But David Berst, NCAA director of enforcement, said, "A coach cannot represent one of his athletes, either for or without compensation." Berst also said NCAA rules prohibits athletes from making any kind of agreements with agents while they still retain college eligibility and that anyone who offers to negotiate an athlete's contract is considered an agent.

In a statement issued through the sports information director of the University of South Carolina, Carlen denied any NCAA violations. "I am not an agent for George Rogers or anyone else." He said he advises his players on dealing with agents and tells them to have all contracts channeled through him.