Victories are the only thing the 3-10 Washington Redskins are lacking now, Coach Jack Pardee said yesterday. He insisted they are not without leadership or desire, as former quarterback Billy Kilmer implied when asked Monday about the Redskins' troubles.

"Our players don't like to lose, nobody around here likes to lose," Pardee said. "The only thing we're lacking is wins. When you're 3-10, though, you're going to be subjected to comments like that. It doesn't surprise me."

Both Kilmer and former Redskin coach George Allen had commented that the sight of Washington players shaking hands with the Atlanta Falcons Sunday after their 10-6 loss indicated that losing didn't bother them. Not true, Pardee said.

"Times have changed. I know there was a time when you didn't shake hands with the other team after a game, but that's in the past. I admit it still looks a little bit unusual to me to see them doing it, but it's something that players do now.

"Everthing surfaces when you're losing," Pardee continued. "Good things go with winning, these kinds of things go with losing. At this point, it's easy for anyone to say things about us.

"We're struggling right now, but we have to keep working and keep on doing the things we can do. That's the way we'll get the wins and wins are all we need."

Pardee said Kilmer's comments did not surprise him. Asked about Kilmer's remark that Allen's record, stacked up against the record of Pardee and General Manager Bobby Beathard, "speaks for itself," Pardee replied, "I don't really want to say anything about that. My record against Allen head to head was okay, though."

Pardee-coached Chicago Bears played Allen's Redskins twice. The Bears won both games.