INTERCONFERENCE Chargers (9-4) at Redskins (3-10)

TV: WRC-TV-4, 1 p.m.

Radio: WMAL-630, WQRA-FM-94.3.

Data: Chargers favored by 6 1/2. . . If Redskins lose their sixth straight game, will they shake hands with Charger players afterward? . . Eagle RB Wilbert Montgomery calls Chargers "the most physical team we've ever faced. They are a brutal team". . . Redskin pass defense, No. 1 in NFL, meets Charger aerial absurdity: QB Dan Fouts needs 132 yards passing to reach second straight 4,000-yard season (an NFL first) and if WR Charlie Joiner gets 53 receiving yards, Chargers will boast three 1,000-yard receivers (another NFL first) . . . Chargers' 53 sacks, most in league, include 15 1/2 by DT Gary Johnson . . . Unfortunately for K Mark Moseley, he has rediscovered touch just as Redskins suffer through five-game stretch averaging only 10 points.

Charger injuries: C Bob Rush, knee (Q); LB Ray Preston, knee (P): RB Mike thomas, ankle (P); CB Mike Williams, groin (P); G Doug Wilderson, flu (P); CB Willie Buchanon, flu (P).

Redskin injuries: QB Joe Theismann, hamstring (Q); CB Lemar Parrish, ribs (Q); DT Perry Brooks, ankle (Q); LB Brad Dusek, back (Q); T Terry Hermeling, hand (P); DT Dave Butz, arm (P); RB Buddy Hardeman, headaches (P). Rams (9-4) at Bills (9-4)

Data: Game rated even . . . FS Bill Simpson, LB Isiah Robertson and WR Ron Jessie groomed by Bill Coach Chuck Knox when all earned paychecks from Rams; "I like the Ram players," says Simpson, "but there are a couple of their coaches I wouldn't mind seeing take a long trip back" . . . Good matchups: Ram offense, ranked No. 1 in NFC, against Bill defense that tops NFL, allowing 251 yards and 16 points a game; Ram defense, using blitz often to compile NFC-high 48 sacks, against Bill offense that has let opponents sack Qb Joe Ferguson 11 times, lowest in NFL. . . If Rams win and Lions or Vikings lose, Rams assured wild-card playoff berth.

Ram injuries: RB Wendell Tyler, elbow (O); DT Mike Fanning, calf (Q); LB George Andrews, thigh and knee (P); WR Preston Dennard, shoulder (P); T Doug France, knee (P); TE Victor Hicks, knee (P); G Kent Hill, shoulder (P); CB-PR Leroy Irvin, thigh (P); C Rich Saul, leg (P); CB Pat Thomas, groin (P).

Bill injuries: WR Frank Lewis, back (Q); T Ken Jones, leg (P). Cowboys (10-3) at Raiders (9-4)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, 4 p.m.

Data: Game rated even . . ."Wouldn't it be something if we went all the way?" muses Cowboy President Tex Schramm. "There sure would be a lot of people all over the country with egg on their faces." Cowboy Coach Tom Landry called this a "transition year" in preseason . . . Raiders, winners of seven of their last eight, have scored just nine TDs in past five weeks. . . Cowboys have had nine days rest since Thanksgiving Day game; Raiders have had five days since Monday night game . . . Highstepping Cowboy RB Tony Dorsett needs 63 yards to become first NFL player to rush 1,000 yards in each of first four seasons . . .Raiders, who may be playing last regular-season game in Oakland, need strong play from LB Ted Hendricks and defense to stifle Cowboys, averaging 30 points a game. . . If Cowboys win or either Lions or Vikings lose, Cowboys clinch wild card playoff spot.

Cowboy injuries: C John Fitzgerald, foot (Q); LB Bob Breunig, knee (P); DE Harvey Martin, calf (P).

Raider injuries: RB Kenny King, ankle (D); RB Art Whittington, knee (Q); TE Todd Christiensen, foot (P); CB Monte Jackson, knee (P). Giants (3-10) at Seahawks (4-9)

Data: Seahawks favored by 7 . . . I'm so beat up," says Giant DT Phil Tabor. "My head, my ankle, knee butt, back. You name it, I got it". . . Seahawks 0-6 at home . . . Giant P Dave Jennings, who leads NFL with 45.8-yard average, says, "I want to punt until I'm 50. I take care of myself and I'm not married". . . Seahawk WRs Steve Largent and Sam McCullum each have 48 catches.

Giant injuries: QB Phil Simms, right shoulder (Q); G J. T. Turner, SHOULDER (P); C Jim Clack, knee (P); LB Brad Van Pelt, knee (P); RB Bo Matthews, hip (P).

Seahawk injuries: QB Cornell Webster, knee (O); CB Kerry Justin, leg (Q); LB Mike Jackson, knee and foot (Q); S Keith Simpson, shoulder (Q); RB Dan Doornink, knee and hip (P); DE Jacob Green, knee (P); DE Bill Gregory, knee (P); S Vic Minor, knee (P). NATIONAL CONFERENCE Falcons (10-3) at Eagles (11-2)

TV: WMAR-TV-2, 1 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 6. . . Eagle defense has fewer cracks than Liberty Bell, giving up 12.6 points and 269 yards a game. . . Falcon's young defense very mature, holding nine of 13 foes to less than 100 yards rushing and forcing 35 turnovers. LB Al Richardson has recorded turnover in six straight games. . . Eagle QB Ron Jaworski, nicknamed the Polish Rifle, rated No. 1 in Nfl (206 of 352, 2,755 yards, 25 TDs, 10 interceptions) . . . Falcons, who have come from behind in nine of 10 wins, can clinch wild card playoff spot with victory.

Falcon injuries: DT Wilson Faumuina, ankle (Q); LB Fulton Kuykendall, ankle (P).

Eagle injuries: TE Keith Krepfle, knee (O); DE Claude Humphrey, wrist (P). Lions (7-6) at Cardinals (4-9)

Data: Cardinals favored by 2 . . . NFC's top two runners duel, Lion Billy Sims (1,190 yards rushing) and Cardinal Ottis Anderson (1,123) . . . bSnake-bitten Lion Coach Monte Clark, after watching his team's amazing OT loss to Bears last week, says, "It was probably the bitterest, most disappointing loss I can ever remember". . . Lions only club with more rushing than passing yards. . . Card Pat Tilley leads NFC WRs with 67 catches . . . Lion DE Al Baker habitually bothers QBs -- 23 sacks in 1978, 16 in 1979 and 15 this season.

Lion injuries: LB Eddie Cole, leg (D); T Homer Elias, leg (Q); G Russ Bolinger, leg (P).

Cardinal injuries: LB Tim Kearney, neck (Q); DT Rush Brown, leg (P); DE Bob Pollard, ankle (P); WR Pat Tilley, leg (P). Packers (5-7-1) at Bears (5-8)

Data: Bears favored by 6. . . Loser of this game eliminated from playoff picture, but winner still will need minor miracle to gain spot . . . Two QBs start to come of age: Packer Lynn Dickey has NFC-high 2,939 yards on 237-of-393 passing; Bear Vince Evans, since earning starting role Oct. 19, is 86 of 155, 56 percent, and has rushed 277 yards on 46 carries . . . Bear RB Walter Payton follows Jim Taylor as only players to record five straight, 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Packer injuries: LB Ed O'Neil, leg (Q); WR James Lofton, foot (Q).

Bear injuries: DT Brad Shearer, knee (O); T Ted Albrecht, ankle (Q). Vikings (7-6) dat Bucs (5-7-1) data: Buccaneers favored by 2. . . . "We're still alive," says Buc Coach John Mckay, "but we are not captain of our own ship". . . . Viking WR Ahmad Rashad has five straight 50-or-more reception seasons and teammate Sammy White had five straight 40-or-more campaigns. . . . In his last five games versus Vikings, Buc QB Doug Williams averaging 327 yards passing . Recently Buc WRs -- Gordon Jones, Isaac Hagins and Kevin House, playing well after slow start.

Viking injuries: LB Jeff Siemon, leg (P).

Buccaneer injuries: DE Lee Roy Selmon, knee (Q); TE Tony Samuels, knee (Q); T Darrell Austin, back (Q); TE Jimmie Giles, back (Q);RB Ricky Bell, knee (P); QB Doug Williams, knee (P); DE Bill Kollar, groin(P); DE Bruce Radford, shoulder (P); G Ray Snell,d ankle (P). Saints (0-13) at 49ers (5-8)

Data: 49ers favored by 7. . . . 49ers, who won their first three games before losing eight in a row, seek third straight win. . . . Saints' busted season began with 26-23 loss to 49ers. . . . 49er QB Joe Montana starts again ahead of Steve DeBerg; Saint QB Archie Manning, behind line that has allowed 42 sacks, keeps cool, completing 60 percent of his passes for 2,840 yards and 18 TDs.

Saint injuries: C John Hill, leg (Q); CB Ricky Ray, ankle (P); DT Mike Fultz, ankle (P); G Fred Sturt, shoulder (P); RB Larry Collins, flu (P); K Russell Erxleben, flu (P).

49ers injuries: WR Freddie Solomon, hip (P); DT Jimmy Webb, thigh (P); DE Lawrence Pillers, elbow (P); LB Willie Harper, ankle (P); LB Scott Hilton, ribs (P). AMERICAN CONFERENCE Broncos (7-6) at Chiefs (6-7)

Data: Game rated even. . . . Both offenses having trouble scoring. . . . Most reliable scorers have been kickers: Bronco Fred Stenfort 22 of 25 on FGs; Chief Nick Lowery 15 of 18. . . . Chief PR J.T. Turner tops NFL with 14.7 yard average. . . . Broncos quilty of six turnovers in 9-3 loss to Raiders last week.

Broncos injuries: WR Haven Moses, thigh (P).

Chief injuries: T Charlie Getty, nose (O); LB Whitney Paul, leg (Q); TE Ed Beckman, knee (P). Colts (7-6) at Bengals (4-9)

TV: WBAL-TV-11, 1 p.m.

Radio: WCBM-680, WNAV-1430, 1 p.m.

Data: Colts favored by 2 1/2 . . . Will Bert Jones or Greg Landry start as Colt QB? Will Ken Anderson or Jack Thompson start as Bengal QB? Both coaches said they may not decide until today . . . "If Bruce Laird doesn't make it to the Pro Bowl this year, there is something wrong," says Patriot TE Russ Francis of the Colt S. . . Bengals believe Lb Jim LeClair is vastly underrated . . . Bengals lowest-scoring team in NFL (13 ppg) . . . Colt RB Curtis Dickey has tied club mark of most rushing TDs by rookie (nine).

Colt injuries: S Lyle Blackwood, back and hamstring (Q); T Bob Van Duyne, ribs (Q); QB Bert Jones, shoulder (P;) WR Mike Siani, foot (P); CB Larry Braziel, back (P); DT Mike Barnes, back (P).

Bengal injuries: DE Ross Browner, toe (Q); WR Don Bass, knee (Q); LB Reggie WILLIAMS, ELBOW (P); LB Bo Harris, foot (P). Jets (3-10) at Browns (9-4).

Data: Browns favored by 10 . . . Browns bumbing and bickering at season's outset, now proud and poised behind Sam Rutigliano, AFC coach-of-the-year candidate along with Buffalo's Chuck Knox and Oakland's Tom Flores ... Brown QB Brian Sipe AFC's No. 1 passer; Jet QB Richard Todd has personal highes of 223 completions, 405 attempts and 2,866 yards . . . Brown RB Mike Pruitt quietly efficient: 200 carries for 843 yards, 46 catches for 386 yards.

Jet injuries: C Joe Fields, knee (Q); DT Marty Lyons, hip (Q); t Marvin Powell, hamstring (Q); LB Stan Blinka, groin (Q); G Dan Alexander, leg (P); DE Joe Klecko, thigh (P); QB Richard Todd, back (P); RB Kevin Long, ankle (P); RB Tom Newton, hip (P).

Brown injuries: KR Keith Wright, knee (Q). MONDAY GAME Patriots (8-5) at Dolphins (6-7)

TV: WJLA-TV-7, WJZ-TV-13, 9 p.m.

Radio: Wtop-1500, 9 p.m.

Data: Patriots favored by 3 . . . Pat Coach Ron Erhardt after 49er loss: "(QB Steve Grogan) could have had 10 interceptions. How can we get 245 yards (on the ground) against the Colts, and we can only get 82 yards against these no-names?" . . . Grogan, backup Matt Cavanaugh or third-string Tom Owen may start at QB . . . Pats have lost 12 straight in Orange Bowl . . . RB Tony Nathan's 52 receptions and RB Delvin Williams' 626 yards rushing lead Dolphins.

Patriot injuries: QB Steve Grogan, knee (P); QB Matt Cavanaugh, knee (P); LB Larry McGrew, knee (P); TE Tony McGee, leg (P); lb Rod Shoate, foot (P).

Dolphin injuries: G Jeff Toews, ankle (O); CB Don McNeal, wrist (D); CB Doug Beaudoin, hamstring (Q); LB A. J. Duhe, hand (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty .