The Redskins have lost five of their last six games, but in the world of What have you done for me lately?, the Redskins are coming off a precision effort against the San Diego Chargers.

No one at Redskin Park yesterday could pinpoint the inspiration behind the team's superb performance. Not the return of Joe Theismann to the lineup and not the continued speculation surrounding Coach Jack Pardee's future in burgandy and gold. To a man, Redskin players emphasized their personal distance from the Pardee situation.

Joe Lavender, whose three interceptions sparked Sunday's rout, was typically pragmatic in saying, "I don't think there was any psychological motivation behind our play, everything just came together. As a player, I can't get involved in those types of things (the Pardee situation). My job's tough enough."

Theismann said, "I just don't pay attention to all the talk. I don't read the papers. I have no control over the situation when it comes to owners and coaches. If people outside the Redskins never brought up the topic it would have never entered my mind."

Talk of Pardee's future takes the team back a week when they had five losses on their backs. The Redskins don't want to look back.

"I think we have to wait awhile before we assess things," said Theismann. "I think we have to look at things individually because we didn't accomplish too much collectively."

Pardee was tranquil yesterday. His sights were set on the New York Giants Saturday and the St. Louis Cardinals after that. The other scattered haunts of recent weeks seemed shelved.

"I can't see what any of that can do for the team against the Giants and Cardinals," said Pardee. "There's been so much about my future and everything, there's just 10 days left in the season and it would be good just to go out and play well for the next two games."

The Giants announced that rookie quarterback Scott Brunner will start against the Redskins as he did in New York's victory over Seattle Sunday. Brunner, who threw two touchdown passes, replaced starter Phil Simms, who has an injured shoulder. Pardee said he knows very little about Brunner except that he has a strong arm and is a good prospect.