The Washington Capitals recalled center Glen Currie from the Hershey Bears yesterday. Otherwise, there will be no lineup changes for Wednesday's home game against the Edmonton Oilers, despite considerable management dissatisfaction with Sunday's 5-4 loss to the Detroit Red Wings. m

"I am more disturbed about last night's game than any other," General Manager Max McNab said yesterday. "That's as frustrating a game as we've experienced this year and for some time. Everything pointed to us getting back on the right track, playing a team that hadn't won on the road all year. In the main, it was a game we should have won.

"We (McNab and Coach Gary Green) talked after the game and we had another long meeting this afternoon. The end of the world came after 25 pretty consistent performances, but we're certainly not satisfied with what's happening. There may be a weakness of character or drive in a few players. We'll have to analyze that."

Currie, a penalty killer for Washington much of last season, has been up twice before this year for one-game emergency performances. This time he figures to be around longer, because he will be replacing Rolf Edberg, whose recurring back problems have finally affected his play to the point that the team will give him a lengthy rest.

"Currie has his total game back in perspective," McNab said. "He's done a good solid job all around. We want to give Rolf an opportunity to get his lower back straightened out for good."

Currie has recorded 15 goals and 12 assists for the Bears, who lead the AHL'S Southern Division.

Goalie Mike Palmateer, who has been troubled by a sprained wrist, a bruised breastbone and a bruised knee, had what McNab called "a good practice" yesterday and will start against Edmonton. Partner Wayne Stephenson is occupying the doghouse after permitting four soft goals in the Detroit defeat.

Waiting in the wings is Rollie Boutin, whose 2.40 goals-against mark with Hershey is the AHL's best. Boutin played splendidly in a December rescue operation here a year ago.

Jean Pronovost's bronchial problem has improved and he should be back at full speed Wednesday. Pronovost's illness has contributed to the failure of the Roaring Twenties line to score a goal in the last four games. The trio of Pronovost, Dennis Maruk and Bob Kelly had scored 27 in the previous 12.

Washington has lost five in a row and, after the Edmonton contest, must play nine of its next 12 games on the road. Two of the three home contests are against Philadelphia.