Only two division titles and one wild-card berth have been determined going into the National Football League's final week of the regular season. In fact, in the American Conference, all three division titles and all five playoffs berths will be decided this weekend.

Here are the playoff and title situations in the league: NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles already have clinched wild-card berths. So why are they so concerned about winning the division title?

Because with it goes the advantage of opening at home in the playoffs and having a weekend of rest on Sunday, Dec. 28, when the two wild-card teams from each conference try to qualify for the next round of postseason competition.

The Cowboys knew going into last night's game at Los Angeles that they could lose and still have a chance to win the NFC East title head to head against the Eagles on Sunday in Dallas, though short a day of preparation.

The Cowboys were aware that if they lost to the Rams but beat the Eagles, both East Division teams would have 12-4 records and the tie would be broken on the basis of the best net of points in division games. Philadelphia has a plus of 92 points and Dallas 42, determined by adding up points scored in division games and subtracting points allowed in them. Some chance. They have to beat the Eagles by 51 points.

The Cowboys also knew that if they beat the Rams and the Eagles, they would win the division title and the Eagles would be a wild-card team. The Eagles can win the title on Sunday by beating the Cowboys. NFC West

Atlanta has won the title. The Rams went into last night's game knowing they could earn a wild-card spot by beating the Cowboys or by defeating the Falcons on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The Rams also wer cognizant that if Detroit loses on Sunday to Green Bay, Los Angeles would clinch a wild-card berth regardless of the Ram's games against Dallas and Atlanta. NFC Central

Minnesota won the division with Sunday's last-second victory over Cleveland. Detroit was eliminated from title consideration, but could earn a wild-card berth if the Rams were to lose to both Dallas and Atlanta, while the Lions were beating Green Bay.

In the AFC, all five spots are open in the playoffs, for three division winners and two wild-cards. AFC East

If Buffalo wins on Sunday in San Francisco, the Bills will take the title, with a better overall record.

If Buffalo and New England both lose, the Bills will win the division.

If New England beats New Orleans and Buffalo loses to San Francisco, the Patriots will win the title with the better division record. If New England loses it is eliminated.

If Buffalo loses and New England wins, the Bills can be a wild-card team if one team from a group of four -- Cleveland, Houston, Oakland and San Diego -- loses.

The only way Buffalo can not be a wild card is if all four of those teams win and the Bills lose. AFC Central

Cleveland and Houston are tied at 10-5, but Pittsburgh at 9-6 still is in the running.

If Cleveland wins at Cincinnati, the Browns will win the title with a better conference record than the Oilers, 8-4 to 7-5. If Cleveland loses to Cincinnati, Houston would be the division champion regardless of what Houston does at home against Minnesota, because of Houston's overall record or because of a better division record than the Brown's, 4-2 to 3-3.

If Cleveland and Houston win, Cleveland will be division champion and Houston will be one of two conference wild cards.

Pittsburgh has been eliminated for the division title but can be a wild card if New England loses, Cleveland and Houston win, and the Steelers win on Monday night in San Diego. AFC West

If San Diego beats Pittsburgh, the Chargers win the division title on the basis of cumulative net points within the division. San Diego has a plus 60, Oakland a plus 37. If the Chargers lost to the Steelers, Oakland wins the title regardless of how the Raiders do against the Giants in East Rutherford, N.J.

Both the Chargers and Raiders are 10-5 and would, of course, be 10-6 if they both lose, but the Raiders would win the division with a better conference record than the Chargers, 9-3 to 8-4.