Alan Green, Tommy O'Hara, Don Droege and Nick Mijatovic are Tea Men. Bill Irwin is part of a Tornado (not the funnel, we hope, inasmuch as he keeps goal). Tony Crescitelli and Joe Horvath are Earthquakes. Thomas Rongen is a Striker. Lucky Robert Iarusci is a Cosmo, again.

Sonny Askew, Carmine Marcantonio and Barney Boyce are, ugh, Manic.

And Dragan Radovich, Mike Dillon, Bobby Stokes, Sakib Viteskic and Gary Darrell are free agents.

So long, Washington Diplomats.

Madison Square Garden Corp., ditcher of its national capital franchise, managed to sell off nine Dips prior to the North American Soccer League dispersal draft of athletes yesterday in Tampa from the failed franchises in Washington and Houston, which took care of four more of RFK's finest.

Jacksonville, new home of the Lipton company's ex-New England club, bought the foursome headed by Dip scoring leader Green. The Montreal Manic, who used to be the Philadelphia Fury, purchased Askew and Boyce, then drafted Marcantonio. The Cosmos bought Isrusci, a member of their 1977 and '78 championship clubs: Dallas purchased Irwin. San Jose drafted the two new Quakes, Fort Lauderdale conscripted Rongen.

With Johan Cruyff reverting to the Cosmos and Juan Lozano earlier sold to Barcelona, that's it.