AMERICAN CONFERENCE Jets (3-12) at Dolphins (8-7)

Tv: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 12:30 p.m.

Radio: WQRA-FM-94.3, 12:30 p.m.

Data: Dolphins favored by 6 . . . Dolphins, losers of five in a row to the Jets, seek fourth straight winning season . . . "Obviously, I'm very frustrated right now," says veteran Dolphin QB Don Strock, watching rookie David Woodley become team's star of the future . . . Yes, only the Jets could lose to Saints. "A disgusting game," says Jet T Marvin Powell. "Did we give an honest effort against New Orleans?" asks Jet Coach Walt Michaels. "We've got our scouts out looking for players in the Bronx, Queens, Harlem, all over."

Jet injuries: S Ken Schroy, ribs (O); LB Greg Buttle, back (Q); C Joe Fields, knee (Q); LB Stan Blinka, knee (P); LB Ron Crosby, hamstring (P); RB Tom Newton, ankle (P); RB Scott Dierking, ankle (P).

Dolphins injuries: RB Woody Bennett, leg (Q); RB Rick Moser, ankle (Q); T Eric Laakso, toe (Q); RB Steve Howell, arch (P).

NATIONAL CONFERENCE Bears (6-9) at Bucs (5-9-1)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, 4 p.m.

Radio: WQRA-FM-94.3, 4 p.m.

Data: Game rated even . . . "We are our own worst enemy," says Buccaneer Coach John McKay. "I am worried about every person connected with the team, including myself.". . . Bear RB Walter Payton (1,330 yards rushing) lead Lion Billy Sims by 81 yards in quest for fifth straight NFC rushing title . . . Buc QB Doug Williams ending his finest campaign (238 of 492, 3,046 yards, 19 TDs).

Bear injuries: LB Jerry Muchensturm, knee (O); Ss gAry Fencik, shoulder (O); WR James Scott, nose (P); WR Brian Baschnagel, calf (P).

Buccaneer injuries: DE Bill Kollar, goin (Q); T dArrell Austin, back (Q); G Ray Snell, ankle (P); LB Cecil Johnson, foot (P); Dt Bruce Radford, calf (P); WR Gordon Jones, hip (P).

Key: O -- Out for undetermined length of time; D -- Doubtful, 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.