Vikings (9-7) at Eagles (12-4)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAR-TV-2, Saturday, 12:30 p.m.

Radio: WTOP-1500, 12:30 p.m.

Data: Eagles favored by 6 1/2 . . . Surprising Vikings, 6-2 in second half of season, seek to avenge 42-7 September loss to Eagles . . . "I came into the league cocky," says Eagle QB Ron Jaworski, explaining why it took him until his ninth pro season to lead NFC in passing . . . Viking blocked five punts and kicks this year, raising their total to 46 in past five seasons; Matt Blair is Vikings' best at smothering flying footballs . . . Eagles, who lost three of last four regular-season games by 12 points total, worried about slumping K Tony Franklin. Franklin has missed eight of last 12 FGs, six of them from 36 yards or closer.

Viking injuries: DE Mark Mullany, flu (Q).

Eagle injuries: WR Charles Smith, broken jaw (Q). Bills (11-5) at Charges (11-5)

TV: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, 4 p.m.

Data: Charges favored by 6 . . .Let's probe the inner workings of NFL strategists: "We'll come out and throw on every down if we can complete them," says Charger Coach Don Coryell. "Or we'll run on every down.We'll do whatever it takes." Meanwhile, Bill RB Roland Hooks says, "If they stop the run, we pass. If they stop the pass, we run" . . . Bill Nt fRed Smerlas and LBs Jim Haslett and Shane Nelson known as Buffalo's Bermuda Triangle because ball carriers often get lost in their territory . . . QB Dan Fouts, who directs Chargers' 400-yard-a-game offense, says of TE Kellen Winslow: "Before Kellen's through he'll catch 100 passes in a season". . . . On Bills' roster are 19 players drafted since 1978 . . . Bills beat Chargers, 26-24, in October.

Bills injuries: QB Joe Ferguson, ankle (P); T Ken Jones, knee (P); S Jeff Nixon, knee (P); LB Shane Nelson, wrist (P); WR Lou Piccone, flu (P).

Charger injuries: LB Woodrow Lowe, knee (Q); RB Clarence Williams, shoulder (Q); RB Hank Bauer, neck (P); DE Fred Dean, groin (P); cb Mike Williams, groin (P). Raiders (12-5) at Browns (11-5)

TV: WRC-TV-4, WBAL-TV-11, Sunday, 12:30 p.m.

Radio: WTOP - 1500, 12:30 p.m.

Data: Browns favored by 3 . . . Brown QB Brian Sipe, NFL's No. 1 passer, meets Raider CB Lester Hayes, NFL's No. 1 interceptor . . . How long can rugged Raider defense overcome erratic QB Jim Plunkett's mistakes? . . Brown Coach Sam Rutigliano says he was surprised but pleased that Raiders beat Oilers . . . Browns converted phenomenal 47 percent of third-down situations this season. . . Raiders, Browns both use 3-4 defenses . . . Underrated Brown RB Mike Pruitt had second straight 1,000 - yard rushing season and led club with 63 receptions.

Raider injuries: KR Ira Matthews, knee (Q); S Mike Davis, shoulder (P); CB Odis McKinney, knee (P); TE Derick Ramsey, foot (P). s

Brown injuries: WR Dave Logan, ankle (P). Cowboys (13-4) at Falcons (12-4)

TV: WDVM-TV-9, WMAT-TV-2, Sunday, 4 p.m.

Radio: WEER-1250, WEER-FM-107.7, 4 p.m.

Data: Falcons favored by 2 1/2 . . . Outspoken Falcon WR Wallace Francis, who predicted Super Bowl for his club eight weeks ago, says. "Nobody can stop us but us," then adds, "Dallas won't beat Dallas." . . . Falcon Coach Leeman Bennett, who says game will be won with line play, says Cowboy DT Randy White "is playing as good as any lineman in the league I've seen". . . Falcons' Speed and Strength, RBs William Andrews and Lynn Cain, combined for 2,223 yards rushing this season, the most productive tandem in the league . . . Cowboy LB Bob Breunig has an "as shucks" attitude to mask his killer instincts. "I've seen the Falcons on film a lot, and boy, those guys are tough," he coos.

Cowboys injuries: LB Mike Hegman, dislocated elbow (O); S Randy Hughes, shoulder (O); LB Anthony Dickerson, hip (Q); QB Danny White, left shoulder (P); WR Tony Hill, thigh (P); RB Preston Pearson, foot (P); DE Ed Jones, toe (P); RB Tony Dorsett, thigh (P); C John Fitzgerald, foot (P); DT Randy White, hip (P).

Falcon injuries: LB Dewey McLain, hand (D); DT Wilson Faumina, ankle (P).

Key: O -- Out; D -- Doubtful, 75 percent chance will not play; Q -- Questionable, 50-50 chance will play; P -- Probable, virtual certainty will be available for normal duty.