The Washington Bullets face some pressing decisions as they recover from 12 days on the road when they lost four of five games.

The first involves rookie center-forward Rick Mahorn, who broke his right hand Saturday in the Bullets' 106-94 victory in Dallas. Team physician Stanford Lavine is scheduled to examine the hand today and decide on Mahorn's status.

Should Mahorn be unable to play -- another prognosis has him sidelined three weeks -- the Bullets might make a deal to acquire another big man. The team already has signed two players from the Continental League, Andre McCarter and Anthony Roberts, to replace Carlos Terry and Bob Dandridge, who are on the injured reserve list. Teams are allowed a maximum of three players on injured reserve.

Wes Unseld will decide Wednesday if he is fit to play against the Lakers that night. The veteran center has tendinitis in his right knee and played in just one of the road games. Unseld underwent treatment yesterday and reported some improvement.

The Bullets will decide on teh status of McCarter and Roberts Thursday when their second 10-day contracts expire, and if the Bullets do not cut them, the club must keep Roberts and McCarter for the remainder of the season.