The Redskin front office had to make some difficult decisions in alloting about 800 Super Bowl tickets. The players were permitted to buy two each. A year ago they could buy four each, because the game was played in the 104,000-seat Rose Bowl and the Redskins were allotted 1,200.

About half of this year's 800 went to season-ticket holders, some of whom have never missed a Super Bowl. Requests begin coming in during January for the game a year later. There are about 50,000 season tickets held by some 15,000 persons or groups.

Besides players, the tickets were made available to the club owners, staff, "alumni," media and some firms that do business with the Redskins.

In Dallas, Cowboy General Manager Tex Schramm has ordered that players and team executives who buy Super Bowl tickets must sign statements they wil not resell them to scalpers.

The Baltimore Colts permitted their players to buy two tickets each, but tried to stipulate that they had to be picked up in New Orleans. A grievance was filed through the NFL Players Association against such a condition, and the association won the case.

The club, which suspected that few of its players attended the game, became concerned with a report that a travel agency would line up one player to buy his teammates' tickets and eventually charge as much as $500 each for them.

The Rams allowed their players and staff members to purchase four Super Bowl tickets each.