As expected, Redskin Coach Joe Gibbs made Dan Henning his assistant head coach and offensive coordinator yesterday.

"I feel like he's got as sharp and as quick a mind as there is in football," Gibbs said. "And he's worked very vell with the quarterbacks everywhere he's been. I talked to Joe (Theismann) and Mike (Kruczek) and I think they'll get along well with him."

Henning, 28, coached the Miami Dolphins' quarterbacks and receivers the last two years and is given credit for the rapid development of rookie Dolphin quarterback David Woodley. Henning has been an assistant with the Houston Oilers and New York Jets, and with Florida State and Virginia Tech. He worked with Gibbs at Florida State in 1967 and 1968.

Gibbs said Henning would be in the press box, on the phone to the sidelines, during games. Henning will have major input to the weekly game plan, much as Gibbs did in San Diego.

Gibbs said the title of assistant head coach "is a heck of a compliment" for Henning. "What I'm saying is how much I respect his ability.

"Also, I always said that if I got to be a head coach, I would try to help my assistants reach their goals. Dan was a viable candidate for a head coaching job (at New Orleans) so I've got a guy who is very much qualified to be a head coach. I hope that because he has this title, he'll reach his goal down the road."