Ron Jaworski of the Philadelphia Eagles, who sells hot tubs on the side, may be in hot water again with Coach Dick Vermeil after "guaranteeing" today that cornerback Lester Hayes of the Oakland Raiders won't shut out Philadelphia wide receiver Harold Carmichael on Sunday in the Super Bowl.

The Eagle quarterback had just finished telling interviewers how he had been chastised previously be Vermeil for stirring up opponents with his rash statements.

"If he lines up in man-to-man coverage on Harold and tries to play bump-and-run defense against him, we'll just throw an 'alley-oop' pass to him (high over 6-foot Hayes to 6-foot-8 Carmichael)," Jaworski said.

Vermeil, meanwhile, was only slightly less confident than Jaworski.

"The last few days have not been as confusing as I expected," he said. "The accommodations are super."

"I like playing indoors at the Superdome," Vermeil continued. "Our punter, Max Runager, was hitting overhead equipment with his kicks on Monday. The only pressure we will feel will come from the other side of the line of scrimmage (from the Raiders).

"People said we couldn't win if the opposition stopped the running of Wilbert (montgomery), but we won five games when he didn't play because of injuries."

Vermeil credited Sid Gillman with improving the Philadelphia offense, but noted, "I coach the quarterbacks in our meetings. I want (the privilege) to screw up myself. I'm not trying to be a 'humble Charlie.' I think I've done a good job."

Jaworski seemed to be bursting with confidence. "I was super in the Superdome on Tuesday; I was humming the ball. You get in a place where you've always played well and you get confidence. I feel this team is ready to play its best game.

"The Raiders are tough, but the Cowboys are a finesse team. We felt we could intimidate the Cowboys and we did (in their playoff game, won, 20-7, by the Eagles), but not the Raiders. They don't get a lot of sacks, but linebacker Ted Hendricks and defensive end John Matuszak do get up in your face."

Jaworski told a news conference today about how Vermeil chided him for publicly criticizing defensive strategy and once for belittling the New York Jets before an exhibition game.

"Vermeil scares the hell out of me," he said. "He's a tough, tough guy. I had my butt chewed many times this season in his office, because of my style. I had to apologize to defensive Coach Marion Campbell."