Imagine, if you will, the University of Maryland winning the NCAA basketball championship. Local newspaper headline: "King and his Court Magnificent in NCAA Final." Imagine, if you will, the University of Maryland losing the NCAA basketball championship game. Local newspaper headline: "Lefty Chokes." Come on guys -- give Lefty a break.

It seems as though your staff writers (Ken Denlinger in particular) attribute anything positive happening to the Maryland team to super players and anything negative to inept coaching. Coach Driesell is in a no-win situation. Lefty would be the first to admit he's not the best college coach in the country, but he isn't a country bumpkin, either.

A decade ago Coach Driesell left davidson College to come to College Park. He inherited a team with no winning tradition that couldn't and didn't know how to win. He also inherited an area which considered basketball about as exciting as going to the dentist and getting a tooth filled. In his very first year at Maryland, without the aid of any new recruits because of the freshman eligibility rule, Lefty turned the team around and finished with a winning record. Did someone wave a magic wand over the players' heads and proclaim them to be super players? No. Lefty coached them into being better players. Maybe he had players who listened to him in practice and executed properly in game situations. The rest is history. Maryland consistently has nationally ranked teams and this area has grown to be basketball-crazy. For this we can thank Lefty Driesell.

Considering all the negative press Coach Driesell receives, and his no-win situation in this area, it wouldn't surprise me if he departed and let this basketball-crazy area return to the dark ages. He could go anywhere and turn any program into a winning one. He doesn't need us. We need him.